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Officers allowed boyfriend to die, claims black woman shot by police

Officers allowed boyfriend to die, claims black woman shot by police

20 year old Tafara Williams, who was shot in suburban Chicago by the police last week on Tuesday said that officers did nothing more than cover her boyfriend with a blanket after he was shot, and consequently leaving him on the ground to die. Williams claimed that she was sitting in her car in front of her home with 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette smoking a cigarette when the incident took place.

edwin 0 months

Yeah... ill wait for that footage. The truth is a three edged sword and I get the feeling at least one of the two edges presented is false. Also good to see Crump getting involved. That man chases ambulances like it was a life's dream or something.

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 0 months

Was this the case where the man was resisting and got shot, then bystanders prevented police from getting near the assailant. Instead the bystanders all crowded around the guy telling him to stay with them and shit. Like words will do anything of value in that instance. If not, then I'm sure the police video will clear this all up. I'm betting it is just more media spin on what video will clearly show was a justified shooting.

James 0 months

Bulshit they just looking for money sue happy is all they are

DScott 0 months

Is this the one they tried to endanger cops by ramming their car into police?

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