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Executive order with potential to politicize civil service signed by Trump

Executive order with potential to politicize civil service signed by Trump

An executive order signed by President Donald Trump could reportedly turn tens of thousands of nonpartisan career civil service jobs into ’excepted service’ positions. This allegedly has the potential of stripping federal scientists, public health experts, attorneys, regulators, and other policy professions of civil service protections. Career employees could thus become political appointees.

Tom A
Tom A
atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Only read the govexec article and from what I can tell, this removes the equivalent of tenure for some federal employees. Maybe there is more to it, but IMO this sounds like a very good thing.

BrGrbubbadug 3 months

I read the entire order. In addition, I currently work in the government sector and have been for over 15 years as a contractor. This order specifically makes it easier to clear out government civilians who have been less than productive. There is nothing in it to suggest that a political belief would have anything to do with termination. In fact, it's primarily in the hands of OPM which is on thin ice as it is for a number of reasons. The last thing they are going to do is fire non Republicans. Every single article about this executive order has proven to be mostly or completely false by people that have no clue what "drain the swamp" means nor do they know how bad the swamp is. There are completely unethical things happening that a series of connections prevented those people from being fired and now that has been eliminated. Now unethical behavior (let's say gross misuse of the budget such as thousand dollar cups of coffee) warrants an investigation and a possible termination with no one to the help based on "connections". This is a good thing.

Lisa 3 months

Seems like Trump is laying the groundwork to be a dictator.

Rof 3 months

If the FBI, CIA and DOJ are partisan, it would not be surprising for other entities to be partisan also

Calvo 3 months

As if there was something like a non-political person. Everybody is political. Some hide their opinions and some don't.

Scorpio 3 months

Drain the swamp!

E n
E n 3 months

Guarantee this will be another one struck down by the courts.

Alyse 3 months

This is how it starts.

Seekster 3 months

Clean house and drain the swamp.

Vincent 3 months

Another step towards theocratic fascism.

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