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Richmond’s Robert E. Lee statue can be removed, Judge orders

Richmond’s Robert E. Lee statue can be removed, Judge orders

Judge W. Reilly Marchant ruled on Tuesday that Richmond’s statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee can be removed under the governor’s order. The 60 feet high statue is currently the only Confederate statue which is still standing in the Monument Avenue of the city, after others were toppled by protesters or removed by the city. The ruling will probably be appealed by the plaintiffs.

Tom A
Tom A
Glen 3 weeks

What's next? Arlington cemetery, the original home of Robert E. Lee.

Glen 3 weeks

I think the state of Virginia should be removed. What does this liberial judge think about that. Must be another Obama Hussein appointment.

Tim 3 weeks

So we should celebrate a traitor and Seditionist? He deserves to be in a museum not celebrated over.

Mac 3 weeks

Wahhhhh, don't remove the guy who loved slaves and fought to overthrow America wahhhhh lolol

Richard 3 weeks

Well it is Virginia a state full of jealous haters and black angry folks mad their race was slaves to their Superiors.

ariel 3 weeks

Yah this is stupid.

Vincent 3 weeks


John Hall
John Hall 3 weeks

I'll take it off their hands, if they don't want it...

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