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Melania Trump blasts Biden, Democrats’ ’socialist agenda’

Melania Trump blasts Biden, Democrats’ ’socialist agenda’

The First Lady made her first solo campaign appearance on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, where she decried the Democratic platform as ’socialist’, saying it would ’destroy America’. She also criticised Biden’s disapproval of Trump’s travel ban on China due to COVID-19, saying ’now he suggests that he could have done a better job’. Negative media attention was a focus, as well as the President’s tweets.

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 4 weeks

All junk.. They have nothing to offer. They had four years.. the stock market isn't the economy nor is unemployment. The blew a chance to give all employees more with that mass Ryan tax break.. but never.. Until all groups see rise in GDP growth filter through them instead of only those at top. It won't work. Even the stock market was manipulated by the Federal reserve funding. Gee I thought the hated socialism? Which is it..?.. im confused federal funding rich people where 10% own 84% or corporate empire that sends all GDP growth to the top is fine.. But take the peasants working and get? Yeah.. great motto.

michael 4 weeks

Oh if ONLY the democrats would ally with socialists. But they'd rather court centrist republicans than support policies that a majority of Americans want.

tenoclock 4 weeks

Jesus, the comment section right now is a clear example of why I believe that people really are paid to make negative comments on political posts. For the love of God people she's just the first lady.

Black jack
Black jack 4 weeks

Nobody cares what Melania has to say.

yuckycrumpet 4 weeks

They’re going to take her Christmas decorations!!!! Lol.

Paul 4 weeks

Drumpf's and Melania support a Fascist America.

John 4 weeks

Go back with your family to whatever third world country you came from

Joseph 4 weeks

SEND HER. To a all-woman prison lots of hungry bears 🐻 for her

Warren Oneal
Warren Oneal 4 weeks

God. If neoliberal corporatist Joe Biden is a socialist, I’d hate to to hear what actual leftists are.

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