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Colorado man finds note left behind by firefighters

Colorado man finds note left behind by firefighters

As wildfires in Colorado rage on, one homeowner takes to Twitter in order to openly thank the firefighters who saved his home, after he finds this note that was left behind by the heroes.

Bernice 4 weeks

2020 still has a heart :). This is so touching! Hope these firefighters get the recognition they deserve 💕

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 4 weeks

Doesn’t that picture contain an address and phone number? I’m all for thanking firefighters but I prefer you not dox yourself. I just think he should value that privacy a little more.

Clay 4 weeks

Thought it said "fearful". Wild imaginings of a sudden plot twist involving rogue arsonistic firefighters swirled my mind, the note reading something like "you're next". Fortunately it's just a compassionate person.

Huntress 4 weeks

Fund the Firefighters

Delterra 4 weeks

Love this

K3719er 4 weeks

Thats fucking awesome.

Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 4 weeks

How dare they cut that mans fence, this is outrageous.

Sloth 4 weeks

I would totally give those firefighters a couple of weekends of vacation in the cabin...

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