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Philadelphia police fatally shoot Black man, sparking protests and violence

Philadelphia police fatally shoot Black man, sparking protests and violence

Walter Wallace Jr., 27, was shot on October 26th. A video of the incident showed him holding a knife and approaching officers despite being told to stop, he was then shot at 10 times or more. Protests erupted, Philadelphia’s mayor saying the video ’presents difficult questions that must be answered’. Walter’s father said he was mentally ill and on medication, adding ’why didn’t they use a Taser?’.

ProveTheVotes 4 weeks

Another criminal who didn’t listen to lawful orders, how about listen now and argue about it in court later? This culture has gotten out of hand, if it was a white guy under the EXACT same circumstances not a single news source would have reported it and nobody would care!! People should care about people regardless of skin color period. But a black man and it’s a tragedy? Good ole dindu nuffin... ridiculous

donkeyscommand 4 weeks

In my opinion, regardless of any previous behaviour, this man Walter did not deserve to die. Yes he was disobeying officers, yes he was armed, but to shoot him over 10 times is totally unjustified. I have no idea whether racism played a role, the actions of these police officers are indefensible either way.

Trevelyn 3 weeks

If he attacked anyone reading this with a knife .If you had a gun in your hand at that time .You would shoot him to keep him from stabbing you to death .If you say you would not .Your a bold face liar .

iTeraByte 4 weeks

A very reasonable question is asked, why didn’t they use a taser or contact someone with specialized training to deal with the issue in a non lethal manner.

Koolsee 4 weeks

Should have listened to the police and he probably would have still been alive, any excuse to riot and steal!

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