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Texas Gov. Abbott wins court ruling to limit number of ballot drop boxes

Texas Gov. Abbott wins court ruling to limit number of ballot drop boxes

The Texas Supreme Court issued a ruling backing Texas Gov. Abbott’s order to limit the state’s counties to one mail-in ballot drop box each. The court ruled that a decision from a lower court ’erred’ in blocking the order and that the policy would ’not disenfranchise anyone.’ Among the counties hit hardest by the ruling will be Harris County which has dropped its 12 drop-off spots to just one.

Jon 0 months

Duh Republicans know they are screwed and we are watching them literally try to steal the election in front of our eyes in plain sight. Putting one drop box in Harris county that has 4 million people is beyond comprehension. Some people will have to drive over an hour just to drop off their ballot. Now try to defend that nonsense I dare you.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 0 months

Ahhhh, the “Lone Drop Box State” continues to suppress the vote. I believe it is only a matter of time before they enact a curfew of 5AM for anyone who is of color on Election Day.

edwin 0 months

Well, the Texas Supreme Court seems to disagree with most of those leaving comments. Also, given everything coming out right now, I feel sorry for anyone that voted early for Biden.

David 0 months

In their defense, Republican politicians would never win another election if they didn't cheat, lie, and suppress the vote.

Jerry 0 months

A complicated chain of possession always leaves room for the misdeeds human nature. If a person can go shopping, they can vote in line. If a person can't go shopping, they can get a absentee ballot. Complications result in misdeeds.

yuckycrumpet 0 months

So it’s drop boxes now? Mail in wasn’t good enough. Either way it’s already over. Biden wins. America has seen its failed little experiment as a mistake.

IvoryDove 0 months

Democrats need LOTS of drop boxes because they are "special". They need extra days to vote and somebody to come pick up their ballot for them too.

Fred V
Fred V 0 months


Vincent 0 months

These Republican fascists are not even pretending anymore. They're trying to steal the election right out in the open. I have come to loathe the Republican party the more I learn about it.

Eileeñ 0 months

Ge Ruplicans judges cheating a long with republicans governers we need Domocrats court judges get rid of McConnell

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 0 months

They are really trying hard to suppress voters

branypoo 0 months

Weasels. They know they can’t win fair and square, so they do this...

Burger 0 months

Some people in government sure hate it when people vote. They really are afraid of losing.

Jack 0 months

We gotta get his guy out of here.

GreenMachine 0 months

I'm honestly curious why it's per county and not town.

ToddBundy 0 months


8 2
8 2 0 months

Don’t they have post offices and mailboxes in Texas? This argument seams irrelevant.

Seekster 0 months


Jerry 0 months

A complicated chain of custody will always invite misdeeds. Go back to kindergarten.

Paul 0 months

Fascist Republicant America

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