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RNC to go for additional spend of $9M for final TV ads on health care

RNC to go for additional spend of $9M for final TV ads on health care

Fox News reported that the RNC plans to spend an additional $9mn on state TV ads warning that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s health care plan would hurt senior citizens. The 30-second spot, titled ’Noise,’ is set to run in Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin. The ad dwells on the consequences of the proposal of Mr.Biden.

ToddBundy 4 weeks

9m on health care ads? If he spent that much on an actual solution he wouldn't have to run ads.

Commodore 4 weeks

At least he has a healthcare plan. Der Führer Trump's plan is to completely dismantle healthcare with no replacement. Great plan Trumpy the Clown.

Doug 4 weeks

45 months into administration, still waiting for the awesome healthcare plan that would cover all Americans - even as their lawyers try to kill ACA. Sad.

J 4 weeks

Trump is anti American based business. Small businesses will die under the republican party. Taxes have been increased and tariffs have driven up prices for nearly everything electronic. Thanks to this administration its never easier for small businesses to fail and loose everything.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 4 weeks

The Pro Choice Left attacking free choice of healthcare again

Joseph 4 weeks

Stupid lies

Brian 4 weeks

Giving people healthcare is hurting them apparently.

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