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Officers deserved more charges, say Breonna Taylor grand jurors

Officers deserved more charges, say Breonna Taylor grand jurors

A Kentucky man who had served on the Breonna Taylor grand jury has spoken out about the grand jury proceedings through statements, and said that he feels the actions of the police on the night of Taylor’s death were ’criminal’ but grand jurors were not given the chance to explore charges related to her shooting death by officers. Two grand jurors have chosen to speak out about the proceedings.

Tom A
Tom A
The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 4 weeks

It doesn't matter what they think he deserved. What matters is whether or not they were guilty of the charges brought forth.

Rocky 4 weeks

"Me as someone untrained in law, that understands almost nothing about trials or burdens of proof, think the officers should have been charged with a bunch of crimes that will never pass reasonable doubt all to waste the time and money of the criminal justice system.". -grand juror

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 4 weeks

So civilian jurors think they know more than trained prosecutors? Funny how they made a point to put his name out there. Somebody is looking for some cash Maybe a book deal or a few more interviews? You KNOW there will be more.

Jim 4 weeks

Another ignorant citizen. Understand that I don’t put all of the blame for his ignorance on him, the system itself has failed all of us. The system in my statement includes schools who don’t teach our kids anymore, politicians who don’t consider much past their reelection and the courts which fail to give the facts and numbers of relevance . Sure we know the numbers related to who goes to prison or who is shot but the public has no idea how many people are # 1 never charged and #2 who go completely free even when charged. This country has become so touchy feely that the laws themselves are becoming irrelevant. When “justice” is defined inaccurately it is often simply not obtained. Justice isn’t about feelings it’s about the law. The Kentucky AG clearly stated in his press conference that police were there on a legal search warrant and therefore had the LEGAL right to enter, once shot at they had the LEGAL right to shoot back. Some things are truly unfortunate and if I were Taylor’s family I would be livid but that doesn’t define the law. Everyday in courtrooms and crime scenes across the country and even the world, people claim self defense. It is not a legal right only applied to cops. Part of our educational system should include visits to local courtrooms so the public actually understands what really is happening in our communities and sees for themselves how the courts are handling it and the outcome. Far fewer people go to jail in this country than those who break the law. The system as a whole reflects exactly that related to law enforcement . We have 20% of our younger poplulation in jail, most if not all ended up there after their 4th or 5th conviction for real crimes. Although I will not vote for Biden the 1994 crime bill reduced our crime rate by almost 50%. We now have presidents and presidential candidates bragging about how many people they will let out of jail. I promise you in 20 years they will be running on how to reduce crime again.

Doug 4 weeks

One person doesn't speak for the whole jury. Not to mention that Taylor's own boyfriend says that she was the one who shot at police. That makes her death justifiable no matter how many Walmart stores get looted and burned to the ground.

John W
John W 4 weeks

I'm all for putting charges against the supervisors who planned the raid. These officers just followed what planners told them, they assumed the information and planning was good. Once bullets started to fly they had no choice. Both of Taylor's boyfriends were drug dealers, and they were involved with violent crimes at that address. She liked criminal type, so she put herself at risk.

David 4 weeks

Aren't jurors supposed to decide on the facts given and charges given?

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 4 weeks

Jurros dont get to " explore" charges.

edwin 4 weeks

Huh, how much you wanna bet this guy is gonna find a way to make money off of this.

Rational ific
Rational ific 4 weeks

A lot of people think that they deserve a lot of things. Join the club.

Bob Stephens
Bob Stephens 4 weeks

Robert Barnes has made some interesting comments around this on his joint stream with Viva Frei on YouTube. Neither “side” in this appears to have been honest. Taylor probably wasn’t the innocent bystander some have tried to portray but the actions of the police appear to have crossed the line early on and escalated out of hand as the situation developed. Most if not all of the claims on both sides have not been tested in court but sufficient material is there to raise serious concerns. It appears the briefings to the grand jury were selectively targeted to get a particular outcome (probably not uncommon) and the claim is that the prosecutor’s public statements don’t reflect what the grand jury was told.

Jason 4 weeks

This was such a disgrace how all these cops were not put in prison blows my mind i can only say because racist West Virginia can't think of any other reason???

Cole. 4 weeks

They just want their 15 min of fame who cares

Chualland 4 weeks

Then blame the prosecutor for trying to go way harder than he should have. Blame the department that changed the rating on Breonna's boyfriend.

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