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’Trump is the racist visionary,’ says AOC

’Trump is the racist visionary,’ says AOC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in an interview published Wednesday. ’Trump is the racist visionary, but McConnell gets the job done. He doesn’t do anything without Trump’s blessing,’ AOC said. Weighing in on the upcoming election, AOC said the election is not as much about two candidates as it is about two countries.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

AOC is racist. There, we can all make things up. AOC killed Kennedy. AOC sunk the Titanic to kill the politicians opposed to the federal reserve. Come on everyone, join in, it's the hot new fun thing, it's bigger than TikTok. Just make stuff up as long as it's funny and/or politically expedient. AOC is the Zodiac Killer.

Richard 0 months

If Trump is a racist, then he is not doing a great job of it , now is he - with all the policies he has made that have benefited minority communities.

Max 0 months

They're just going to keep screaming racism until Trump is out of office? Is that really the plan?

Burger 0 months

AOC is giving trump way too much credit. Trump is just playing to his racist base to get votes so he can continue to line his pockets using the presidency and to stay his crooked ass out of prison.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

AOC with the quality commentary as usual. She is a great representation of how dems or more accurately progressives should govern and talk.

Cory 0 months

She's right about one thing in that statement, the election is between two countries. America, and a socialist dystopia known as the USSA.

Seekster 0 months

What a ridiculous statement. The Democrats play the race card about as often as they breathe nowadays.

John 0 months

Lowest African-American unemployment in us history. Highest African-American wage growth in us history. Highest level of home ownership in us history. TrUmP iS a rAcISt!!! (& yes, economics is real & her ideology is an abject, mass-murdering failure.)

Doug 0 months

So says the woman who wants to regulate cow emissions among other inept things.

Jason 0 months

I just love AOC she is so brilliant & so likeable shes a star & thank God shes on our side 😆

WWG1WGA 0 months

She is somewhat right this is a battle of choice of 2 countries USA or Venezuela. If you want jobs and a great economy you vote TRUMP if you want to have an awful economy where everyone's median income goes down and prices sky rocket and companies leave the US vote biden

ben 0 months

sure AOC, and that is why he has greater black and brown support than you a book dear, maybe, just maybe, you will learn something.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 0 months

Aoc is currently in cahoots with the lizard people, the illuminati and lawn gnomes in order to steal the world's cheese supply. They do this in Hope's of appeasing their god mickey mouse as subtlety buy out the company from under him so they can control the world through Chinese propaganda.

Joe 0 months


Conrad 0 months

Well you are a COMMUNIST!!!

John Hall
John Hall 0 months

When you don't have an intelligent argument, scream racist!

Jim 0 months

She’s a fruit loop but I’m telling y’all, she could eat breakfast at my house anytime !!! This is a good picture of her !!!

Michael 0 months

She also said Milton Keynes was a economist. What she was doing was conflating the name of fiscal policy theorist John Maynard Keynes, and the name of the Supply Sider Milton Friedman. Bottom line, this woman is woefully uninformed on a lot!

Richard 0 months

AOC is a demented pickle

Trevelyn 4 weeks

She's stupid .

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