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DScott 0 months

So watch and decide for yourself. Still America right ? Lefties love their safe spaces and nanny gov

Jon 0 months

How DARE he interview whomsoever he likes on his own podcast! Doesn't he know that as his popularity increases, he acquires an obligation to serve the interests of our corporate overlords?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

It’s Joe’s show, Spotify knew what they were getting, shut up and make money.

Will Jones
Will Jones 0 months

Isn't Joe bringing on Kyle to add rebuttals to everything Alex says. It's not "letting" him spread misinformation when you got one of the best at arguing against it. I'd be surprised if Alex showed up, he dodge the last "debate" opportunity with Kyle.

Simbu 0 months

Joe Rogan is not a journalist. He's not running news show. It's a podcast chat show. If you believe everything that's said in the podcast, onus is on you.

Vincent 4 weeks

Why would anyone give that psychotic Alex Jones a platform?

Jerry 0 months

The media approved left is very Soviet. The Rogan approved left is very American.

John Hall
John Hall 0 months

So, the msm has been spreading misinformation for the last 4 years.

Leon 0 months

These people really believe people are stupid. We can decide on our own.

Donald 0 months

I love Alex Jones, a good man Tells the Truth!!!

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