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Mutatis 0 months

"And even though the bots are believed to have been responsible for a few million of the tweets, they potentially reached hundreds of thousands of users on Twitter, according to the researchers." Basically, the speculated influence of these potential bots is somewhere between zero and minimal.

IvoryDove 0 months

Muddy the waters with obvious conspiracy theories and then as the Hunter Biden story gets played, people will figure it's just another conspiracy theory..... This is how its done folks.

Jason 0 months

Man Trump & Moscow Mitch buddies Russia just won't stop will they with all the ways trumps al ready trying to cheat already he sabotaged the usps hes suing states to not allow ballots received that were not counted during the 1st night some state count by hand that will make tons of votes not count California GOP set up fake Offical ballot boxes for gods shake knowing most mail in ballots are democrats thats shady hes tried to say mail in ballots are fraudulent yet his kids and wife voted by mail he did for the primary

Max 0 months

What conspiracy theories?

Ingram 0 months

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

Twitter has legions of its own bots, no doubt.

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