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’No excuse’ for looting, says Biden on violence in Philadelphia

’No excuse’ for looting, says Biden on violence in Philadelphia

Former Vice President Joe Biden addressed the recent violence in Philadelphia over the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr., and told reporters that death is not an excuse for criminal activity or looting. The Democratic Presidential nominee said that protesting is ’totally legitimate, totally reasonable’, as he addressed reporters outside of a polling station in Wilmington, Del.

Tom A
Tom A
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 4 weeks

Love how he and the Democrats are saying something not because they actually care about the people who aee suffering because of the rioting, but because of the fact that they might not get elected because of it. The Democrats are a joke and all they want is power

Molon Labe
Molon Labe 4 weeks

Nope, the Obama & Biden administration embraced the false narratives of BLM. You own this sh¦t.

ilure 4 weeks

I think he's really meaning to say that no excuse is needed for riots and looting. This is the way of those who have no respect for property rights of laws protecting those rights. Socialism in other words.

Dee2u 4 weeks

Considering that Democrats haven't said much against all these looting up till now, I'm not surprised by Bidens response this close to the election. He can't afford to lose voters or give the impression he wouldn't move to protect personal property, etc.

porcus 4 weeks

Joe Biden hasn't condemned looters, rioters, or criminals. No matter what he says he has only engaged in dogwhistling to looters, rioters, and the violent extremists in the nation. He is so divisive. Just full of hate, greed, and a heart like granite. Clearly he cannot lead the nation. /s That is how people talk about Trump.

__K__ 4 weeks

A thug getting shot while he attacks people with a knife is not a reasonable thing to start a protest over.

Sigfried 4 weeks

Too late Biden. If you'd joined Trump in this rhetoric when it all started with Floyd then maybe these words would have weight.

Linda 4 weeks

Call me paranoid. I believe protesting is one thing...freedom of speech. Rioting is violence & illegal designed to split us up. I think the destruction we’re seeing these days is to keep us preoccupied so more subtle activities can occur that we won’t notice till it’s too late to intervene. Remember, we’ve experienced protests in the past that have not turned violent. Now protests have developed an expectation of turning into violent rioting & those predisposed to joining to joining in are adding fuel. Our whole concept of the American way is being altered by clever criminal manipulators. Let’s try supporting law abiding fellow citizens instead of cheering on these criminals. UNITED WE STAND; DEVIDED WE FALL. 🇺🇸

Calin M
Calin M 4 weeks

Wow so scared of losing the election that actually started cooying Trump. These people i tell you ! My god !

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 4 weeks

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt but waiting after 110+ days of this rioting and he's only now saying it? Nah, go back to your basement Biden.

Jason 4 weeks

And funny how Trump tries to frame a world run by Biden will be chaos yet we're living in the worest chaos in my 36 yrs of life its terrible thats why i voted for Joe Biden

Just An Opinion
Just An Opinion 4 weeks

Trump is one of the most peaceful US presidents ever. When was the last time a president did not engage in any new wars in their first four years?

KOAN. 4 weeks

Far left extremists and Biden supporters have been destroying cities for most of the year and the democrats only now condemn them?

Lafayette 4 weeks

All protests are legitimate as long as they are conducted legally. I do not know if the police were justified, but I understand the individual had a knife and may have been mentally unstable.

Doug 4 weeks

That's mighty bold talk coming from someone who has looted the American taxpayers for decades.

Randy 4 weeks

Except that the protesting isn't legitimate at all. First, it is racist. Second, it seems to ignore the apparent facts of the case.

Philip 4 weeks

Arson, theft, and assault are never okay under any circumstances. Let us seek Justice through the courts and by voting in leaders who will deliver Justice for us. We only have a few days left. Let's hold it together.

William 4 weeks

Ps.. the only real voter suppression the right is guilty taking the Vote from convicted criminals..... even after they have served thier sentence. I do agree this is wrong

Mike 4 weeks

Lmao, The desperation for votes is real

Big 4 weeks

Such a wimp! Simply denouce the looting. No need to soften it with "right to protest". There was never anything but a mob! China owns you and you'll be Russias bitch if elected.

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