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32 arrested as NYC protests erupt over killing of black man in Philadelphia

32 arrested as NYC protests erupt over killing of black man in Philadelphia

At least 32 people were taken into custody in NYC during overnight protests in the wake of the Philadelphia police-involved shooting death of Wayne Wallace Jr.. The arrests were made on charges ranging from assault on a police officer, obstruction of govt. administration, possession of graffiti instruments and disorderly conduct. Nearly 40 commercial properties and nine NYPD vehicles were damaged.

C 0 months

Here we go again a leftist post with a fake headline. Once again we're trying to sow discord. We can always tell these fake communist posts by the way the headline is worded. We should have this headline.... Man chasing cops yielding knife gets shot... Or black man chasing cops with knife gets shot by all black police officers. But we're not going to put that in there because both of those are true and much clearer than the current headline of this post. We're not stupid, we're not falling for your fake news one-sided racist posts

ToddBundy 0 months

Obstruction of Government Administration? If that doesn't sound like some made up law to silence the public I don't know what is

BlueGrover 0 months

Not to in any way down play the destructIon and violence. When I first read this I thought the entire city was exploding in protests and wondered how I missed it happening. Bad enough, still, it was limited to an area of Brooklyn.

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