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Ex-homeland security official reveals he was ’anonymous’ NYT op-ed author

Ex-homeland security official reveals he was ’anonymous’ NYT op-ed author

Miles Taylor, former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff under Trump, revealed himself as the anonymous official who wrote a 2018 op-ed about being part of a ’quiet resistance within the administration.’ The article caused quite a sensation not just in the US, but in other nations, especially US allies, at that time. In response, Trump called Taylor a ’disgruntled employee’ in a tweet.

Jim 0 months

So essentially we have former assistant who implemented policy as directed (therefore a party to it ) secretly undermining the very policy he was implementing by hiding behind an anti Trump news organization. The very definition of Swamp Creature. I’m not bothered that he disagreed with policy I’m disappointed that he wanted to keep his salary enough to implement it AS He secretly usurped it.

Skeptic 0 months

As someone who is sympathetic to his criticisms and thinks the NY Times is less biased than most commenters on NV do, I think it was a mistake for the Times to have published it. I thought so at the time and now that we know who it is, even more so. He is not a 'high administration official'. The Times used to have a 'public editor' which served sort of like an ombudsman. They got rid of it in 2017. Again, I thought it was a mistake then and in retrospect it clearly was. Every organization like that needs someone external giving them honest criticism they are forced to listen to.

Bernice 0 months

Doesn’t this happen to all governments and institutions? A group of disgruntled employees who either tell-all via mainstream media or social media? And they say women talk too much 😂

Steve 0 months

So this qualifies as a senior administration official???????

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

Who and who?

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 0 months

Who? This dude wasn’t important

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