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Girl Scouts of America delete Tweet congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett

Girl Scouts of America delete Tweet congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett

The Girl Scouts on Wednesday deleted social media posts congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett for her appointment to the Supreme Court. The post was taken down after it sparked a wave of angry comments. The account explained that the post was taken down as it had been ’viewed as a political and partisan statement.’ It added, ’We are neither red nor blue, but Girl Scout GREEN.’

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 weeks

I don't think the Girl Scouts cared about her political affiliation I think they were Just celebrating the fact that the supreme court had a new woman appointed to it. Just goes to show the Regressive left only cares about women and minorites when they agree with them.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 3 weeks

Wow cant even congratulate without the reeeeeing squad of toddlers.

K3719er 3 weeks

We cant have "Boy Scouts" anymore, but "Girl Scouts" is fine. Tell me again how oppresed you are women?

Don 3 weeks

Democrats shaming the Girl Scouts for congratulating a woman. Outrageous! What is truly shameful is the Girl Scouts caved and let them do it. What message does that send to the youth girls attending?

PointlessUsername 3 weeks

Yep. Typical "How dare you speak something that I disagree with." The left can't help but enforce its ideology on everyone to keep them beaten and obedient. If you wanted to show strength and really stand up for your girls Girl Scouts you should have spoken up for yourselves and not taken it down. Never let anyone silence you.

Bernice 3 weeks

So why are the left keyboard-warrioring against a women’s group applauding the accomplishment of a woman? Politics is obviously superseding the initial cause of the left decades ago, part of which was upholding women and their rights! To be honest, we should stop being afraid of all the backlash, these people have time to bicker all they want since daddy and mommy still pay for the necessities 😑

Matt 3 weeks

For all the "glass ceiling" rhetoric when Hillary was running and the comment about these little girls who she's trying to inspire.... we knew the truth then and we see it now. The left only wants their own to succeed, period. They could have came out and said, gee.. we dislike how it was done, her positions, etc but cheers to another woman making history and we wish her the best. But they can't help themselves and I think people are starting to notice just how hateful they are.

Ryan M
Ryan M 3 weeks

The confirmation ceremony of Amy Coney Barret was racist and sexist because Amy Coney Barret is not black and Clarence Thomas is not a woman.

David 3 weeks

Of course the left will condemn a woman in a high position if she doesn't fit their agenda. People, companies, and organizations need to stand by what they believe and not let the leftists sway them in their comments.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

Why doesn't this surprise me. A children's group forced to self censor because of the fear of back lash from the regressive left.

WWG1WGA 3 weeks

Girl power only matters if they kill babies or are communist. Strong great family oriented and extremely smart is frowned upon

IvoryDove 3 weeks

The GSA is a lesbian recruiting program, hence Democratically controlled and once they expressed a "pro - woman" comment that didn't align with the lesbians, they got slapped. I'll bet they congratulated Kagan without being shut down.

Csaba 3 weeks

WHY!!!! Why did they need to delete????? Is there no more free speech? This is why America is in decline. Not Trump, not the Republican party. The radical left ideology of the modern Democrat party is destroying this country.

ben 3 weeks

I think its great the Girl Scouts tweeted support for a woman justice who has already achieved so much in this life. Family values and things the girl scouts have always supported are now shamed by the left...its a pity.

coughdrop1989 3 weeks

So the "boy" in boy scouts had to be removed to just say scouts yet girl scouts to keep theirs? Makes perfect sense in this snowflake world we live in.

Huntress 3 weeks

I guess congratulating a girl for being appointed to the highest court in the land is “partisan” now. The only question when a Supreme Court justice is appointed should be, does she care about the US Constitution and is she qualified? Not, does she agree with my personal beliefs and my party? 🙄

Mike 3 weeks

Because people threaten their first amendment right. It’s shameful that woman Can Only have pride from a select list of people. Sounds like North Korea with being able to only have seven different haircuts

Don'tbackNV 3 weeks

By definition the Supreme Court is supposed to be on partisan and impartial therefore there is no partisanship supporting a Supreme Court justice

Arrow 3 weeks

Ya know, I think they handled it pretty well. It wasn't some groveling apology, they just said "Ya know what? They're little girls, not political tools."

David 3 weeks

Someone got a suicide threat from Clinton's people

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