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Curfew imposed in Philadelphia as protests follow shooting of Walter Wallace

Curfew imposed in Philadelphia as protests follow shooting of Walter Wallace

A citywide curfew was issued by officials in Philadelphia after consecutive nights of protests, following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27 year old Black man. When police shot him, he was holding a knife. Jim Kenney, the mayor of Philadelphia also condemned the looting and destruction of property which has taken place as the protests turned violent.

justsayin 3 weeks

Interesting that they need a curfew for “protests”. Will the left ever stop referring to the burning, looting and violence as “protests”? Oh and by the way... these “protestors” are just as responsible for the spread of Covid as Trump!

IvoryDove 3 weeks

BLM has yet to find a poster child that isn't a criminal that evades arrest, resists, or threatens the cops.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 3 weeks

When someone comes at someone with a knife, should they be able to defend themselves? Of course. Was the man shot for being black or for coming at police with a knife? I probably wouldn’t put my money on because he’s black. The officers should have shot him 100%, and if a White person has knives and go at them, they should also shot him. Rioting over clearly justified circumstances just turns rational people away.

Vincent 3 weeks

I sympathize with holding the police accountable to the rule of law but rioting and looting do nothing to advance this cause.

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