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Judge allows John Hinckley Jr to publish his artwork

Judge allows John Hinckley Jr to publish his artwork

John W. Hinckley Jr., the culprit behind the attempted 1981 assassination of President Ronald Reagan, has been permitted by justice Paul L. Friedman to have the permission to publish and display his artwork. Hinckley had this to say within an interview: ’I create things I think are good and, like any other artist, I would like to profit from it and contribute more to my family–’.

O'Brien 3 weeks

Of course it was an artist/musician who shot Reagan. An actor shot Lincoln. A writer shot Garfield. A commie shot Kennedy. And an anarchist shot McKinley. So don’t trust Meathead...

Doug 3 weeks

Go look at the PET scan of Hinckley's brain and compare it to a normal one. It's in psych books so I'm sure it is online. That guy should still be locked up. There's no fixing what's wrong with him.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Hey, John. Jodie Foster says your art sucks.

Charles 3 weeks

Freedom of speech man, the man sucks but we’re founded on principles here

oh boy
oh boy 3 weeks


Mikey Likes It
Mikey Likes It 3 weeks

good, now SJWs can beat off to it.

Jackson 3 weeks


Garthak 3 weeks

Actually, I bet Reagan would be happy to hear that.

John W
John W 3 weeks

This guy would never have been released except they were life long friends of the bush family. The whole thing stinks. Hinkley was talking on a public phone everyday to someone, to avoid it showing up on his parents phone.

Sergio 3 weeks

Who cares lol, dudes not relevant nobody cares about him it’s a big whatever. Shrug

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