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Three killed, several injured in terrorist attack in Nice

Three killed, several injured in terrorist attack in Nice

Three people have been killed and several injured in a stabbing attack in Nice, France. A woman was reported decapitated. The attack occured near a church. Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said the suspect behind the attack had been arrested. He added that it looked like a terrorist incident, while saying that the attacker shouted the phrase ’Allahu Akbar’.

Mel 3 weeks

FFS here we go again, isn't enough with what's going on in the world that this crap starts up again be glad when we all see the end of 2020

jack 3 weeks

I'm seeing a lot of people saying France needs to revoke citizenship of suspected extremists and that France deserves what it is getting because it "tolerates Islam". I just wish people stopped believing in simple and unrealistic solutions to complex problems. The reason why people become extremists and are willing to kill for their ideology is because they have nothing and people promise them the moon. This is the case with extremist islam, with white supremacist, with cults... People exploit other people. The only way to stop that is to invest in education and deradicalisation campaigns.

Kareem 3 weeks

I was born and raised in Egypt and me and my entire family are Muslim, and never have I ever heard anyone mention violence or preaching that Allah will reward me somehow if I hurt someone who's not Muslim. It hurts me seeing all these negative comments being said about my faith and my prophet. I don't look at a white guy and think oh he's a white supremacist, or at an African American and think oh some kinda gang member, or at a Jew and think Zionist. You can't judge a whole race/religion based on the actions of a few. You can't possibly think that since this murderer killed 3 people that this automatically makes the 2 billion Muslims in the world potential murderers.

onur 3 weeks

I am a muslim from turkey. And I am ashamed🇹🇷

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