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Spotify criticized for allowing  Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones on platform

Spotify criticized for allowing Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones on platform

In podcast #1555 Joe Rogan once again had controversial internet sensation Alex Jones on his show. His past interview was taken off of Spotify for violating platform rules. Since this one was allowed many users are criticizing Spotify with some even threatening to cancel their membership.

Bernice 0 months

So why are these lefties going against free speech again? Let the listeners decide if they want to believe what Jones says or not. Cancel culture is like the boy who cried wolf 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Roger 0 months

We should let people decide about Joe Rogan's choice of who he wants to interview. You either pay for a Spotify subscription or you don't. That's how it's done. You don't have judgements coming down from the board of any social media service declaring this person or that person has a right or no right to say what they want to say. If you don't like it don't listen.

Doug 0 months

Big bad boogeyman scares itty bitty weftists? They got him banned from social media yet he didn't go away and die. Get over it already and stop acting like a bunch of 40 year olds suffering from arrested development. Romper Room was canceled decades ago and social media isn't real life.

Huntress 0 months

If you actually watch the podcast, you see that Joe Rogan balances Jones out well with fact checking and reason. Not only that, Rogan claims that Jones blew the whistle on the Epstein scandal possibly even before his first arrest. Jones can be crazy and arrogant- with an annoying voice to boot, but Rogan said that 99% of the time Jones is well researched and correct. If you really think his complete censorship and shadowbanning was merely because he spouts lies you may want to do some research into the elites he has pissed off so you can understand why they might come after his platfom.

S 0 months

The people behind the cancelling of Alex Jones or any similar targeted violations against free speech should be thrown in a high security prison. If he'd done anything illegal, they would have done it to him.

Don 0 months

I can answer all the critics. Freedom of Speech, the same thing that let's you critique the Pod Cast.

Kym Charles
Kym Charles 0 months

If you listen to it or watch it, Joe was very careful with what Jones said. He got Young Jamie to look up all of his claims and most of what he said was correct. Just because they don't like what he says, doesn't make it less true. They just don't want certain truths to come out.

Paul 0 months

I don't understand why people in 2020 apparently have forgotten how to just change the channel. If you don't want to hear it, click, problem solved. All this banning talk just because you disagree with something is ridiculous.

Matthew 0 months

Ideas are best put to the test when everybody has an equal opportunity to listen to and judge those ideas. I don’t need somebody removing my access to speech/ideas that I’m more than capable of judging for myself.

Matt 0 months

Oh no, someone said words. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will trigger you into rioting.

TrystalMeth 0 months

These people who are criticizing Joe Rogan and trying to get the episode removed are only proving the point Joe and Alex made about big tech sensorship.

Dave 0 months

What are they going to ban anyone who doesn't follow science? Alex Jones, Ancient Aliens, anyone who says there's more than 2 sexes? All spreading non-scientific false facts.

ben 0 months

Joe Rogan is the greatest podcaster of our generation. He gets to pick his guests, not the 'tards at the woke left and certainly not Spotify employees. With Alex Jones in the house, it is only going to get better and better. Look at that smile!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Lol this is so s, it was a great session. They also are fact checking him live while he is talking. Sandy Hook aside(we can all agree this was wrong), alot of what Alex Jones has claimed in his 3 decades of time, has had grains of truth that become more and more apparent as the years pass. If you have the knowledge/common sense to take some of what he says with a grain of salt, then I recommend watching it. It's like the ones who want to censor this are admitting they're too gullible to consume certain media with a dose of skepticism/open mind. Or they think others are not smart enough to watch something with skepticism.

OUTRAW mf 0 months

Spotify knew what they were purchasing right? Did anybody listen to the show? It's not like this was his first time on it

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 0 months

Libtards; Alex Jones?! REEEEEEEEE!!!!! No free speech for him! I will cancel my Spotify subscription if u don’t stop him from talking!!!!!

aliyah vp
aliyah vp 0 months

Alex Jones is entertaining and it doesn't take much critical thinking to discern whether you believe his wacko tinfoil banter or if you think it's totally hilarious. It's not an endorsement - what's the issue? And why not cancel their membership when they see Swans or Burzum available to stream? This is just such a weeeird hill to die on, regardless of whether Jones make you laugh or fume.

Donald 0 months

I love Alex Jones! He is a breath of freah air and his daily show drops truth bombs quicker than Anyone else. Also watch Shadowgate films 1 and 2 to learn more about the people tryinf to snuff him out

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

If you can't avoid a podcast, you need a new computer or at least some lessons on how to use one.

Eddie 0 months

I wonder if many of the people complaining actually watched or listened to the show. Joe pushed back hard the whole time and fact checked most everything he said. If you disagree with what someone is saying this is the way to go about removing it. Banning something or someone outright just makes people curious as to why.

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