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Captive black leopard mauls man who paid for ’full-contact experience’ with it

Captive black leopard mauls man who paid for ’full-contact experience’ with it

A captive black leopard in a backyard zoo in South Florida mauled a man who had paid $150 to its owner for a ’full-contact experience’ with the big cat and take its photos. Reports said the attack left the man’s scalp ’hanging from his head and right ear torn in half’ and required multiple surgeries. The leopard’s owner was charged with allowing full contact with an extremely dangerous animal.

Joe Knowles
Joe Knowles 4 weeks

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Randy 4 weeks

I'm not seeing the tragedy here. Service was provided as requested.

Cybil 4 weeks

S**ks to be him... leave the wildlife alone

Migaligazoid 4 weeks

In related news, Florida man mauled by leopard votes for Biden in a predictible pattern of stupidity.

Stacy 4 weeks

Brilliant bastards you have there.

Migaligazoid 4 weeks

"Florida man"...insert bizarre headline here

Alex Gardner
Alex Gardner 4 weeks

Hey he paid for the full leopard experience, I see this as an absolute win.

Csaba 4 weeks

My dad always get what you pay for!

Mark Pauly
Mark Pauly 4 weeks

I’m surprised because my full contact experience with a Florida cougar turned out quite nicely for all parties involved.

Noobs 3 weeks

Full contact experience, eh? Hmm. Was it a female leopard? :P

Mark 4 weeks

I told you not to be stupid you moron.

Neil 3 weeks

I have zero sympathy for anyone who knowingly engages a big cat and subsequently gets attacked- how many times must this happen before dummies realize big cats are always dangerous?

Fair 4 weeks

Did nobody tell florida man that full contact does not mean entertainment wrestling moves? Because I'm pretty sure panthers don't tap out...

Qanonsense 4 weeks

American grade intelligence.

TEQ 4 weeks

And the mauled victim will vote on the next election.. think about it..

WWG1WGA 4 weeks

Florida man stories are always the best

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion 4 weeks

You get what you pay for. (^.ᆺ.^)ノ

Tristan Elstrom
Tristan Elstrom 4 weeks

Now that's what I call a full contact experience.

K W “Just me”
K W “Just me” 4 weeks

I hope the owner had him sign a waiver so they do no kill the animal.

Rafhael 3 weeks

He got what he paid for... FULL contact experience. I just hope no one will claim for the animal to he sacrificed

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