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Anti-Semitism response leads to Jeremy Corbyn getting suspended by his party

Anti-Semitism response leads to Jeremy Corbyn getting suspended by his party

On Thursday, the former leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn was suspended. The decision was taken as under his leadership, the party was responsible for unlawful harassment and discrimination, something he sought to wash his hands off. An apology was sent out by Keir Starmer, Corbyn’s successor as he said that this was a day of shame for the Labour Party.

Tom A
Tom A
Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 0 months

Well it’s about time. As passive observer across the pond, I’m amazed this didn’t happen sooner.

Seekster 0 months

I don't know what Corbyn did but I know there were plenty of reasons he shouldn't be leading anything.

Bart 0 months

Everyday I hear about these kinds of people everyday, and I still can't understand how they can have these gross views over entire groups of people. Not an individual who could just be a terrible person outright, but an entire GROUP.

Reiwa2020 0 months

What a load of horse manure. The famed anti-racist is suddenly a nazi after mainstream media washes their hands of proper journalism. Right-wing Labour and Tories are worked hard together to bring down a left-wing Spartacus. It's a sad day for Britain, let's see how Assange get a fair trial in this god-forsaken country.

David Shechtman
David Shechtman 4 weeks

As a conservative Jewish man, I do see some hate (Bitchute for example) revolving around Jews. That said, free speech is far far more important than the offense given by the handful of haters relegated to this remote corner of the civilized internet. Furthermore if the legacy media had even one solitary chin hair extracted from its posterior they would simply let the racists have an open conversation about their ideas. I still trust the center to hold. And if it is true that Jewish people are over represented in international banking and the like - frickin' expose them to the bright light of day and see what they are up to. Any Epstein mo fo deserves the full Clinton experience. But also understand that, although bald Dick Cheney (not that he's Jewish but the reasoning quickly extends to old white men generally if you read the news in the last twenty years) look alikes may be running the show, that does not mean by extension, that all of us who look like him are in a position of power. I barely have any useful power over my 13 year old kid.

ruubot 0 months

Haha, the tories are fekin useless, but god if this dick had ever got in power!

Sal 4 weeks

A zionists led witch hunt. People in politics are not allowed to speak out on behalf of the Palestinians. Those who do can look forward to the same treatment as Mr Corbyn.

Thrice Hated
Thrice Hated 4 weeks

Very good riddance.

Tiggs 0 months

I thought it pretty disgraceful the way Corbyn released that statement before Stama. It should have been a day of justification for the Jewish members of the Labour Party, and for the rest of its members a day to apologise and reflect on their behaviours; but no, thanks to Corbyns statement he overshadowed all of that, making out it was some kind of conspiracy from the Right... What a narcissistic thing to do, shame on him.

Alana 0 months

There are no facts here. Just finger pointing. Where are the receipts?

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