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Biden holds on to lead over Trump in national polls less than week from election

Biden holds on to lead over Trump in national polls less than week from election

President Donald Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in polls, and the Democratic presidential nominee has held onto his lead with the election less than a week away. This is unlike the scenario in 2016, when President Trump managed to close the gap between himself and then Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton. Polls also show Biden and Trump neck and neck in crucial states, though.

IvoryDove 3 weeks

Polls are not reflective of reality. They reflect the performance of a marketing campaign. If you ran ads claiming "The square root of 13 = 4.13" for a month in all major outlets, you'd see a huge response to 4.13 even though it's incorrect. The media is in the bag for Biden and hates Trump. They insert their bias everywhere. It's natural for people to respond to that bias.

John Hall
John Hall 3 weeks

Yeah so did Hillary, allegedly...

Richard 3 weeks

Is this a re-run??? It seems like I've seen this one before.

porcus 3 weeks

LOL, that is not what Google Trends is indicating. :D

David 3 weeks

Look at all of the polls that Hillary was "leading" in 2016.

MerryMe 3 weeks

I wish polls were believable or that I had a magic Crystal ball. Wouldn't it be nice to know ahead of the actual results? /s Heck, not sure we will know after the actual vote... I really, really hope media isn't calling it on election night, but I won't hold my breath!

Jim 3 weeks

Of course he does the media won’t cover his ties with other countries like they covered Trumps alleadged ties. I tell ya, if you vote for libs I really hope you get liberal policies, you deserve it.

Matthew 3 weeks

It’s important to remember that the term “the polls were wrong” when referencing the 2016 election is simply wrong. No poll ever claimed a certain Biden victory. They predicted the odds of different outcomes and guessed Clinton would win. Just bc polls aren’t 100% accurate doesn’t mean they’re worthless, doesn’t mean they’re meaningless, doesn’t mean they don’t provide useful information.

Amoneywilson 3 weeks

Maybe advise not national polling. But state by state polling as that decides the election. Who will win MI, WI, and PA?

Arrow 3 weeks

Hear me out: Articles like this are actually trying to get Trump re-elected. Just like in 2016, articles like this are going to make left-wingers comfortable with a secured-victory, in-turn causing right-wingers to rush to action and vote in higher numbers... If these news sources really wanted Biden over Trump, they would pretend that Trump was winning as a call to action. Except one thing: Trump presidencies make for lots of clicks. So-called journalists make a lot more money when they have the ultimate scapegoat.

lil'salty 3 weeks

Right wingers are going to cry.

Frank 3 weeks

Trump will win 2020.

Julian 3 weeks

I like how these media outlets are acting like the government in 1984. They keep saying “This election is different because we said Hillary was only up by 2 points at this time 4 years ago. But Biden is up by 12 points nationally!” This is utter bullshit. Go on and look at articles from four years ago exactly and there are endless polls saying Hillary is up 7-14 points nationally at the end of October 2016.

James 3 weeks

Maybe the left he thinks he's going to win corrupt bastard

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