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Two white supremacists charged with intimidating family in Michigan

Two white supremacists charged with intimidating family in Michigan

Two white supremacists from ’The Base’ group were arrested and charged with intimidating a Michigan family. Justen Watkins, 25, and Alfred Gorman, 35, were charged with gang membership, unlawful posting of a message, etc. The case relates to a December 2019 incident in which the family saw men taking photos of their home. Later, they posted the photos online with intimidating messages.

Tim 4 weeks

Even more proof of a growing threat to our country that's being ignored. These people are training to hurt and kill to maintain their twisted & woefully un-American way of life & to do it by force. Take heed right wingers, your either with them or against them. Your gonna have to pick a side

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 4 weeks

This one group pales in comparison to all the endless riots and looting and burning of cities BLM and Antifa have done this year. Billions of dollars in damage 100s of shootings, 1000s lost businesses, 10s of thousands of beatings, and countless threats and doxings to people who are conservative vs one group found.... When Nov 3 rolls in we will see alot more left wing violence and destruction in the weeks after.

John W
John W 4 weeks

Ignore BLM running over police, billions in damage but then desperately look under every stone for a white supremacist.

Richard 4 weeks

But no stories about ghetto rats robbing and killing caucasians? I figured as much.

Jonathan 4 weeks

It’s amazing how these hillbilly types are the very same type that helped free this country...what we needs to do is bridge the gap between these folks and Black people and other poor whites...and find what they have in common. Maybe it’s things like, they both love their Jesus, they both love their property, they love their guns, they devalue education, and they don’t trust the police. There problem solved...🤣

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 weeks

I'll care when people react to BLM this way

Indo 4 weeks

Try wking their brainz with them asking themselves what color they really are.. Then you can help them to be more brainfully be.

yuckycrumpet 4 weeks

Good news.

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