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Hackers target Wisconsin Trump campaign coffers, steal $2.3 million

Hackers target Wisconsin Trump campaign coffers, steal $2.3 million

The Republican Party has said hackers stole $2.3M from President Trump’s re-election campaign in Wisconsin last week. Wisconsin GOP chairman Andrew Hitt said: ’Cybercriminals using a sophisticated phishing attack stole funds intended for the re-election of President Trump, altered invoices and committed wire fraud.’

Jake 4 weeks

Gah! Those pesky antifa supersoldiers are up to their usual tricks!

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 4 weeks

The GOP says cyber criminals used a sophisticated phishing scam to steal the money. It most likely was just an e-mail to trump with a fake link that said “Click h3re for free HAMBERDERS and COFEFE! CLICK NOW!”

Don'tbackNV 4 weeks


iTeraByte 4 weeks

Let’s not be fooled, trump appropriated those funds for his post Jan 2021 criminal defense fund.

E n
E n 4 weeks

A phishing attack that included altered invoices? The scam's coming from inside the house....

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 4 weeks

Watch trump hired these guys to do this and set up a money laundering scheme that would go right back into one of his bank accounts.

David 4 weeks


Jon 4 weeks

Trump doesn't have any money. Fake news ,😀

Vincent 4 weeks

Sounds like an inside job. 🤣

Jon 3 weeks

Lol morons fell sucker to phishing scams 🤣😭😭

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