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VMI board unanimously decides to remove statue of General ’Stonewall’ Jackson

VMI board unanimously decides to remove statue of General ’Stonewall’ Jackson

The VMI’s board has voted to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas ’Stonewall’ Jackson that currently remains in front of the historic barracks on campus. Spokesman Bill Wyatt said that the board also voted for a number of other reforms towards addressing issues of diversity. Civil War general Jackson was well known for owning slaves and fought to defend their slavery.

endubito 0 months

I wonder if they will stop teaching about his Shenandoah campaign as well... military history and tactics should be equally sanitized.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

This is great news. Probably the best of this bad year is getting rid of all those confederate statues.

Jerry 0 months

Stonewall was an admirable man, a teacher with impeccable ethics. The Union healed from this tragic scar. The dividers today want to destroy the concept of healing our differences.

Eric 0 months

I’m so glad that answering for the past is as simple as removing statues. So easy so nice!

Seekster 0 months

What a tragedy...removing a statue of someone so closely associated with VMI. Another victim of a society gone mad.

Huntress 0 months

They should have a plague there explaining why it was removed and when. Erasing history is a bad idea because when we know how evil people were we can attempt to avoid repeating those evils in our own lives.

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