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Netflix is raising prices on all but the ’basic’ plan

Netflix is raising prices on all but the ’basic’ plan

About a year and a half after the last price increase, Netflix is raising the cost for most of its monthly plans in the US by one to two dollars (7 to 13%). The Premium plan will go from $16 a month to $18. The ’Standard’ plan will go from $13 a month to $14. The ’Basic’ plan will stay at $9.

Brian of Life
Brian of Life 3 weeks

Yeah this is one cut too many, enough with the price increases, your service isn't worth it once you add up the yearly cost, I'll just buy a bigger hard drive and avoid Netflix

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 3 weeks

I know!! We are losing all our customers how do we solve the hurt to our bottom line?? Raise the fees! Because we all know you can charge (tax) yourself into prosperity especially when losing everything:)

darkwingsmurf 3 weeks

Have to try to make up for the 800,000 cancelations huh

Stuart 3 weeks

How much for the pedo channel plan?

Don 3 weeks

I'm on a six month streaming service system. I activate my account, see if there is anything worth watching then cancel. Its working for me.

themdg 3 weeks

Who's still with this smut peddling company?

Something Witty
Something Witty 3 weeks

Why, it’s not like there’s anything to watch on Netflix anyway.

Matt 3 weeks

Isn’t this the streaming service with all the pedo shows, young prepubescent girls twerking and stuff? Joe Biden must love Netflix

Wholly 3 weeks

Seems like it is time to cancel.

Eric 3 weeks

You want your child porn you’re going to have to pay for it.... Netflix is nasty.

Barry MC
Barry MC 3 weeks

I'm on someone else's netflix still and I don't use it because there's nothing I want to watch there.

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