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Robotic car crashes in Roborace car race series

Robotic car crashes in Roborace car race series

A robotic car crashed into a wall during Roborace, the world’s first fully autonomous motor car race series. All teams use their own electrically powered self-driving vehicles and self-driving software to race around real-life racetracks. Like all other motor races, the fastest wins.

Addy 3 weeks

It achieved sentience, realised its purpose is to run around in circles forever, and promptly commited suicide. Sounds pretty intelligent to me.

Chualland 3 weeks

Long story short, a mechanical limitation the programmers overlooked caused the car to drive straight instead of turning due to the steering being locked.

Arthur 3 weeks

And once again it raises the question who is responsible when an autonomous vehicle kills someone the owner, designer, builder ,software developer or the manufacturer?

Unity.Nat 3 weeks

Yet here everyone is, gleefully giving that prìck Elon Musk their bodies to experiment with microchips in the brain and his junky electric trucks.

SkeletorRises 3 weeks

The title and picture is absolute gold LMAO

Dave 3 weeks

Skynet still has some bugs to work out.

Huntress 3 weeks

Welp now I’m scared of self driving cars

Søren Roskjær
Søren Roskjær 3 weeks


Something Witty
Something Witty 3 weeks

They flew?

S 3 weeks

I get how cool this is for people in the related engineering industry, but why would regular or casual race fans ever care about this?

michael 3 weeks

Glad to see that even with robocars, NASCAR will have crashes.

Jerry 3 weeks

Let us put them on the roads and put the truckers out of work!

Richard 3 weeks

Self driving cars are not the future unless the future is to put human drivers out of work and destroy our economy... Which is what (((some))) would like to do.

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