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Two-week COVID shutdown ordered in El Paso

Two-week COVID shutdown ordered in El Paso

Officials in El Paso County ordered a two-week shutdown of non-essential activities on Thursday amid a COVID-19 outbreak that has overwhelmed medical resources. Essential businesses, including grocery stores, schools, childcare centers, pharmacies and health care facilities, will remain open. This is not expected to impact voting. There are currently 14,359 active cases of the virus in the county.

Bayou Man
Bayou Man 4 weeks

Will the virus vanish because the judge shut things down or does it just prolong the control by democrat politicians and out of control judges, over citizens. Shut everything down instead of protecting those with a 96% survival rate. Odd how all other causes of death have plummeted.. Has the Chinese virus eliminated all those other causes of death?

hugh 4 weeks

So everybody who included saying shut downs are worse but el paso says shut it down....makes sense

Huntress 4 weeks

Seriously no one cares about small businesses like mine. Another shutdown would be so devastating for my family.

Jon 4 weeks

BbUt dEaThS aRe DoWn

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