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Lawsuit against boyfriend of Breonna Taylor filed by Louisville police officer

Lawsuit against boyfriend of Breonna Taylor filed by Louisville police officer

Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, the Louisville police officer who was shot during the narcotics raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment announced that he would be filing a countersuit against Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend. Mattingly has complained that Walker committed battery, assault, and intentional emotional distress. Walker, however, said that he believed intruders had entered the home.

Tom A
Tom A
Jerry 0 months

I dont know what damages will be received, but the point is correct.

joseph_uke 0 months

The cops weren’t in uniform first of all so yes 3 random people bang on your door in the middle of the night you’d be scared and get your legally owned gun. Second they had arrested the real suspect earlier in the day but somehow still got a judge to sign the warrant on Breonna Taylor’s house. He says he’s traumatized when Kenneth Walker was the one who saw his girlfriend shot and left to die. Breonna Taylor was the one who bled to death alone 20 minutes after getting shot. Do people not have any empathy for the actual victims to agree with this bozo? We hated him enough already and now he pulls this, he’s asking for a whooping. ARREST THE COPS WHO MURDERED BREONNA TAYLOR. ARREST JONATHAN MATTINGLY, BRETT HANKISON, AND MYLES COSGROVE. REST IN POWER BREONNA TAYLOR. BLACK LIVES MATTER AND WILL ALWAYS MATTER, JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED.

Tim 0 months

This is what I was waiting for. Because now both sides have to use actual factual evidence to prove their points. Were going to see who's lying and who's not.

John W
John W 4 weeks

This boyfriend like the last was criminal, bragging about dealing drugs, robbing and attacking people, posing ar-15's etc. Breonna standing next to him smiling. Cops release photos that were tagged 'partners in crime' from Breonna Taylor's boyfriend's phone that show them both holding gun believed to be the one he used to fire at police as messages also suggest he was selling drugs In one photo recovered from Walker's phone, Taylor poses with him as he holds a silver and black Glock 9mm that strongly resembles the gun Walker used to fire on police during the raid. He also shows off a 'pistol style' Springfield Saint AR-15. 'Partners in crime' reads the caption at the bottom of the photo, along with a cartoon of handcuffs. In text messages, Walker said that he purchased the Glock from a 'white boy' and that it wasn't registered to him, but that he had a bill of sale. In one text message to Walker, Taylor sent an image of herself with the AR-15 pistol. In another, she asks for a picture of the AR-15 pistol to show to a 'white boy' she works with who might be interested in purchasing it, according to the new documents. The alleged robbery was discussed in a series of texts on Oct. 3, 2019, where Walker appears to plan it out with at least two other individuals. “Walker asked how much ‘bread’ (money) there is supposed to be,” the PIU files said. “(Redacted) said at least 25K but he’s going to watch the guy to see how much he’s getting. (Redacted) asks if it an easy target or if they need to do homework. Walker (said) they needed to do homework regardless.”

Blarpus 0 months

Cops wont even investigate his bullet wound because it was either infkicted after the fact or friendly fire by his fellow mouthbreathing thugs. ACAB through and through.

Chris 0 months

So it’s Assualt to defend your house from unknown intruders. Just wow.

Supreme 4 weeks

Yep let pettiness begin.

Matt 4 weeks

Everyone trying to place blame all the time. Mistakes, chaos, confusion. Police defending themselves is the first action that was appropriate. But they all failed pretty bad to be in that position. That situation should never have happened or gone that far. Nobody is going to win these cases. You simply don't have intent, and the officers were acting inside the law (which should probably be reviewed...). "Stop breaking the law, a**hole!" - Jim Carrey, Llar Llar.

michael 0 months

We'll, intruders DID enter his home unannounced.

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