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Pandemic has exposed problems in U.S. healthcare system and spurred improvements

Pandemic has exposed problems in U.S. healthcare system and spurred improvements

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed problems with the U.S. health care system but has also spurred improvements. A panel on health care at CNBC’s annual Technology Executive Council Summit. The presenters discussed gaps in the system that made it difficult for many to get testing or adequate care for COVID-19. But they also highlighted the expansion of availability of telemedicine as a benefit.

David 0 months

Where is this strained health care system that the media keeps reporting about? I'm in Florida and the media makes it sound like the pandemic is raging and people are dying in the streets here (because of our Republican governor that wants to open things up). Hospitals are not full. I have friends that work in health care, everything is normal and some had their overtime cut to zero. Funeral homes are doing normal business and a couple of crematoriums that I drive by daily seem to be normal and I do not see any heat coming out of their smokestacks. Nothing out of the normal at cemeteries. Shouldn't all of these be overwhelmed and extremely busy? I work in a five county area and see a lot of these places daily.

lil'salty 4 weeks

Trump is cutting everyone's healthcare & protections of pre-exusting conditions. His plan, is to have no plan.

Grok This
Grok This 4 weeks

Salty- he's said multiple times that he's creating a plan for preexisting conditions. You don't have to take him at his word, but at least try not to spread false information.

CakeSorcerer 4 weeks

1 source but it's fine because it supports liberalism. has turned into a shell of it's former self.

Jerry 0 months

As it should be. Congratulations!

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