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More votes cast in Texas than in 2016

More votes cast in Texas than in 2016

More Texas voters have cast ballots in this year’s general elections than in the entirety of the 2016 elections. As per the state’s latest early vote tallies, more than 9Mn Texans have cast their ballots, surpassing the 8.96M votes cast then. Of the ballots cast, 8.06M came from Texans voting early in-person. 947,235 people voted by mail. Voters in Texas do not register with a political party.

Seekster 3 weeks


Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 weeks

54% of early votes cast in Texas have been republican, 36% democrat and another 10% is other parties or unknown. Democrats are expected to overwhelming vote early and by mail and republicans are expected to show up on election day. If Trump is leading early voting Dems have no hope of winning texas. Paraphrased from a reply I left

WWG1WGA 3 weeks

Possible popular vote win for TRUMP then 🤔

Qanonsense 3 weeks


Noa 3 weeks

Okay, and...

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