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Police union accused of using photo of toddler as ’propaganda’

Police union accused of using photo of toddler as ’propaganda’

The nation’s largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has been accused of using a photo of a black toddler and an officer as ’propaganda.’ Attorneys representing the toddler’s family said that the officers removed the child from an SUV after throwing his mother, Rickia Young, and a 16-year-old relative out of the vehicle. The incident was filmed by people present in the nearby area.

David 4 weeks

So BLM can use their kids as actual propaganda pieces (holding anti-police signs and what not) but a picture of a toddler being held by an officer is “propaganda”?

Jeff 4 weeks

There is no way to misconstrue the child's actions here...he's clinging to the female officer, embracing her for comfort and safety. Seeing innocence in a child and the comfort he is seeking from the officer is a good thing, it humanizes everyone involved. He hasn't "learned" that white people and white cops only want to hurt him, he's simply turning to another human without preconceived notions. We need to see more of this, not less. The headlines are implying the child was abducted and taken to a photoshoot to fit the narrative the a black kid couldn't possibly have felt safe with a cop, and that's just disgusting

chuck 4 weeks

Leave the cops alone !!!! Protect and service ... that’s what they do !!! I will always support the blue line !!!

Elaine 4 weeks

It's obvious how many of you didn't read the whole article for God's sake, and just blow out the hole, with comments that don't reflect the facts of this particular situation.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 4 weeks

The anti-police left is spitting mad because they're supposed to have the monopoly on taking things out of context to bolster their cause.

Seekster 4 weeks

Update: Nevermind. I read the story and it is pretty scummy.

noonespecific 4 weeks

And putting children in cages for a protest is not?

David 4 weeks

Anything positive and against the socialist agenda is deemed propaganda.

Neil 4 weeks

The left needs to go

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