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Trump pressures Supreme Court not to allow ’ridiculous’ Biden win

Trump pressures Supreme Court not to allow ’ridiculous’ Biden win

Upset over the Supreme Court ruling that officials in Pennsylvania and North Carolina could count mail-in ballots after Election Day, President Trump tweeted complaining that this could hand a ’ridiculous’ victory to Joe Biden. Trump also warned that Biden would pack the Supreme Court with more ’Radical Left’ justices, a move that would ’destroy’ the court.

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8 2 3 months

It’s an interesting case but it isn’t as cut and dry as they make it out to be. LGBT are not being denied the ability to adopt they are just being referred to another company. The case was only filed as a way to use LGBT as a way to discriminate against religion. The case is complicated by the government monopoly control over adoption. Charities can’t help adoption without working with the government but LBGT can adopt without working with any specific charity. It’s seems it’s just another way to attack religious charities, because many don’t like churches, or the fact that they compete with government to provide social welfare.

Jim 3 months

Wonder why it’s a headline if Trump pressures The USSC yet the democrats literally had a press conference outside the SC building in which Schumer directly threatened two of the Justices by name if they didn’t start making the correct rulings.

Thinker 3 months

Ironic that Trump keeps talking about the democrats packing the supreme court when that's exactly what he did...

J 3 months

Leftist call for violence if they don't get their way.

IvoryDove 3 months

Democrat run states are sending ballots out to addresses that are obsolete and then, to add insult to injury, they're only "sampling" signatures for authenticity. This election is demonstrating one goal of the progressive left...and our enemies throughout the world... Destroy the integrity of our electoral system. Putin wins.

Matthew 3 months

Start packin your bags Donny! Pack light though because you’ll be headed to a correctional facility before long!

Zero 3 months

Trump isn't against voter fraud, he's against voting, he knows he's going to lose so he is setting up this narrative to illegitimize the election when Biden wins, he has said many times "the only way I could lose is if the vote is fake" and the only reason he needed ACB so quickly is so he has another ally to help him contest the vote, mark my words.

Eileeñ 3 months

What a baby they packed the courts why not Biden doing the very same thing his doing .stop the crying Trump you're grown man the courts are not for you're personal use. They should be for the people .

Eileeñ 3 months

Trump complains of the very thing Republicans being doing this for years we need balance and yes Democrats should pack the courts why should it be only republicans they been cheating for years

Pat 3 months

What kind of Americans are we becoming? This talk of armed rebellion should not be the rhetoric we are hearing. It’s beginning to sound like some third world country. Where are the democratic standards of many Americans fought and died for? It sounds like something straight out of a fascist handbook. Obviously, many people are not well-read on world history. It is downright scary. Our country is so young and fragile, it wouldn’t take that much to derail its professed standards and lose the freedoms we all so cherish. Please stop the madness.

Merula 3 months

can people shut up about whether trump himself was or wasn't packing the courts? what matters is that He Is Telling The Court "don't let this candidate win an election" -- it's more 'ridiculous' that a president is apparently pressuring an entire branch of government to Not Accept The Result Of An Election?? i don't care that "the dems" pressured (?) the government last election, but if it's 'ridiculous' then, it is also 'ridiculous' now.

Black jack
Black jack 3 months

I hope Biden does pack the court. Only 9 justices for a country with a population of over 300million people seems quite small. The more supreme court justices means more dirty rich people that tie up the justice system can go to prison sooner.

TheMadDane 3 months

Trump may wipe his ass with unscented wipes. Americans may have to take to the outdoor bathrooms San Franciscans call streets.

joanel 3 months

This imbecile is always accusing somebody of something he's clearly doing. He's a fucking manipulator.

ilure 3 months

I don't see any pressure directed towards SCOTUS with his comments. It was more directed towards his constituents to ensure he gets the votes to prevent real court packing (adding to the current 9 justices) by the Dems.

Sergio 3 months

Trump complaining he isn’t getting his way when a republican packed and lead Supreme Court is the one that made the ruling LMAOO trump boys stay mad

Fjolnir 3 months

Lols, "the court won't let me throw out ballots to steal the election. This it ridiculous!" And then you have useless people defending his position like, "im fine with an authoritarian take over of my country to own the libs." And all after they called judges "activist judges" for simply granting people equal rights. SMH if you support trump you are the worst kind of hypocrite.

Outlaw 3 months

Republicans have nominated 15 of the last 19 justices. Despite having lost the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. Let that sink in for a moment.

John W
John W 3 months

Any race that is close can definitely be swung with a small number of votes. But they don't know till counting starts which are going to be close. Giveing a week lets them produce the ballots as needed especially a few extra thousand. There will be no safeguards or ways to check the ballots.

Integra 3 months

Obviously people do not understand that "packing the courts" means ADDING more seats, not filling a vacancy.

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