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Unrest erupts in Vancouver over police shooting of Kevin Peterson Jr.

Unrest erupts in Vancouver over police shooting of Kevin Peterson Jr.

Tensions flared between left and right wing protesters following a vigil for Kevin Peterson Junior, a Black man who died after being shot by law enforcement officials in Vancouver. Hundreds of protesters proceeded to march through downtown Vancouver, shattering windows and burning flags. Authorities later ordered protesters to disperse.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 3 weeks

Can we stop having riots over Blck criminals who get shot by the police? Are we now going to have riots everytime a blck man gets himself killed by his own actions? Im getting quite sick of it. Maybe instead of Defunding or Aboloshing the police we start giving people courses on how to interact with the police. Over the course of the summer and fall I have failed to see one time when cops were at fault and instead everytime the perpetrator gets killed due to their own actions. It's time we realise BLM supporters are criminals, who defend criminals, who want to abolish police so they can commit crimes unhindered. This movment has nothing to do about blck lives if it did they wouldn't be burning down blck owned buisnesses and shooting blck babies in strollers.

chuck 3 weeks

When police say STOP you STOP!!!!! You don’t turn and run ..... comply or die ....

Eric 3 weeks

“Hundreds of “protesters” marched downtown shattering windows and burning flags.......

David 3 weeks

All you people who spout "obey the cops you'll be okay" are, in the truest sense of the word, hippacrites (I misspelled this on purpose because that word is a trigger to get your comment reviewed). Here's a thought experiment: flip the narrative, imagine black cops were occasionally but regularly killing white people without just cause, sometimes even in custody. Now imagine that black cops approach you. How would you react? I can tell you as a white person that I would be extremely apprehensive, probably terrified. I would almost certainly carry a gun in preparation for exactly this type of situation. (You can bet Fox news would be playing videos of black cops shooting white people 24/7). Would I obey them? it would depend... but I sure would have my hand real close to my gun. Now, given this scenario, how would you react to a black person who said "obey the cops you'll be okay"? I personally would laugh in their face and ask them what planet they were from.

Rof 3 weeks

Proverbs 28:4-5 ERV Those who refuse to obey the law promote evil. Those who obey the law oppose evil. [5] The wicked don't understand justice, but those who love the LORD understand it completely.

ilure 3 weeks

Unverified and wild allegations at this point. Let seek verified facts and be patient to ensure fair and impartial justice is served. (Expand) Questions I would want to have answered: 1. Why was he on the scene? 2. Why did cops arrive to the scene? 3. Why did he look scared before the cops arrived as claimed by witnesses? 4. Why did he call his family moments before cops arrived as claimed by his family? 5. How many cops arrived on scene? (Witness said several cruisers arrived and 25 copies jumped out!!! Those would have had to be a few personnel transports not cruisers to have that many cops) 6. Why was he running away from the cops as claimed by witnesses? 7. Why did he have his hands in his pockets as claimed by witnesses? 8. Why did the cops shoot as opposed to other non lethal responses? 9. How many cops shot and how many times? 10. From what angle side the cops shoot? There's a whole set of questions that also need to be answered following the shooting however the above are most critical.

Matt 3 weeks

I wonder when this idea will end, that any black person shot by police is racism. The police will shoot when they feel they need to. When just cause, or personal motive are determined, go ahead and call it what it is. Until then, innocent until proven guilty. Stop making your community the bystander to your unjust violence.

endubito 3 weeks

There ya go, Canada. I wish you well.

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