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Trump takes lead in Florida according to Trafalgar Group poll

Trump takes lead in Florida according to Trafalgar Group poll

US President Donald Trump has taken the lead in Florida by over 2 percentage points according to a poll released by the Trafalgar Group. Of the respondents, 47.8% said they would vote for Trump if the election were held today and 45.7% said they would vote for Biden. Additionally, 1.8% said they are ’leaning Trump,’ while 1.2% said they are ’leaning Biden.’

Jim 3 months

The alarm should have been back when the candidates openly supported or made excuses for riots and Antifa, that’s a sign of a law less, do anything to get power party

Matthew 3 months

OH NO! How will the democrats make everyone do what they want if Biden somehow court packing? No abolishing the filibuster? Following the Constitution?!?! Oh the humanity.

Kristofer Brown
Kristofer Brown 3 months

I live in the Tampa area, historically a blue area, and a few minutes ago on the interstate I passed a two mile long Trump train of vehicles flying US and Trump flags. The enthusiasm for Trump is skyhigh. I see nothing for Biden aside from the occasional yard sign or bumper sticker. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump wins the state by wider margins come election day.

Neil 3 months

Dems may lose their coveted Miami/Dade county. Trump enjoys over 30% support among black Americans. Not only will this be a Trump landslide but the party that founded the KKK is Dead.

John 3 months

I don’t see trump losing Florida. Msm & big tech are full of —— & pushing an agenda.

Foshizzle 3 months

I'm in Florida and I bet it's way more than a 2% lead based all of the Trump signs I see and supporters that I run into.

Daniel 3 months

None of the article contents match this headline.

Robert 3 months

Oh goody -- 4 more years of white supremacists roaming the streets with automatic weapons; peaceful demonstrators getting shot and gassed for trying to exercise their right to assemble and petition for redress of grievances; attacks on the free press; a President who uses the office as a branch office for the enrichment of himself, family and friends; and prostitutes in the people's house. I was born shortly after WW2, and as a kid I wondered where a cultured and refined country like Germany could find citizens callous and cruel enough to staff the death camps. Now I understand.

Seekster 3 months

Trump is more than likely to win Florida. Frankly if he doesn't he will lose.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 3 months

Good! Fuck Doom and Gloomer audicrats like Joe Biden and Kamala!

paul 3 months

This is from a conservative leaning pollster and is a deviation from the polling averages.

lil'salty 3 months

It's Florida, who is surprised?....not me!

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Not surprised at all. Florida is a red state same with Idaho, virginia, Texas and more. So not at all surprised.

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