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Judge sides with Tik Tok’s top stars to lift the upcoming Trump ban

Judge sides with Tik Tok’s top stars to lift the upcoming Trump ban

President Trump’s order to ban Tik Tok’s interests in the USA, in less than two weeks, on Thursday, November 12th, due to concerns aimed at Tik Tok’s parent company, ByteDance, over national security issues, was for the second time in as many months delayed when the judge hearing the case sided with, this time, the three most popular stars of Tik Tok, who were seeking the injunction.

Norris Griffin
Norris Griffin
ben 2 months

The only real influencer we should be concerned about here is the CCP. Anyone with any real understanding of the brainwashing techniques and how they were employed historically by both China and the Soviet Union to control thought, should be terrified that this app is in the hands of our children.

Jaime 2 months

You still have to understand the point of view of the influencer. Sometimes it is the only source of revenue. It is not as easy as it seems. I'm all for banning it, but what to do about people that make money off of it? Move to another app does not always work.

Nunya 2 months

You've got to be f#*@-+g kidding me.

Clay 2 months

"influencers" You mean the proverbial "friends" in the idiom about not following those jumping off a cliff. 🤡

Jon 2 months

Gettin sick of these judges pushing pro-ccp agenda. There's a reason why they want that perticular app banned.

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