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Happier people experience less memory loss, study finds

Happier people experience less memory loss, study finds

A decades long study has found that people who experience more happy emotions, called ’positive affect’, experience less memory loss as they age. People in all categories suffered some decline in memory but it was significantly less among those who had more positive emotions.

Ryszmarine 3 weeks

"Just be happy bro."

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 3 weeks

Yeah tell my ex that. She'd remember everything negative I ever said with 100% accuracy no matter how much time had passed.

Luis 3 weeks

Can I get the fix-your-brain-chemistry patch so that I can be happy and live a happy life? Because while this sounds easy enough, life isn't that easy.

Andre 3 weeks

Uhuh. Tell that to thieving USA transnationals

David 3 weeks

Well, guess I won’t be remembering much

Indo 3 weeks

Must have taken a genius to figure this one out. A sad mind always wants to omit things. To reduce the pains.

stephen c.
stephen c. 3 weeks

Or does memory decline give people a negative outlook?

Sarang 3 weeks

Is it possible the scientists just forgot their research findings because they weren't happy?

E 3 weeks

Happiness is not normal, misery is normal, and leading a normal life inevitably leads to misery.

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