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porcus 3 weeks

These are old ideas long known and debated. The Solar system is quite unusual, compared to the thousands of exoplanet systems that we have surveyed so far. Our gas giants are in the outer edges instead of inner edges. We have an abundance of nitrogen and phosphorous.

David 3 weeks

Nothing exists. We're all part of a matrix. Choose red or blue pill. Doesn't matter because they're both laxatives.

Doug 3 weeks

It was aliens. They made them after they made the pyramids but before they rigged the 2016 elections.

Frederic Lück
Frederic Lück 3 weeks

They formed like the other ones

Dave 3 weeks

Its all a 3D hologram projected from NASA onto the bed sheet that is the sky! The ISS doesn't float on nothing! It's velcroed to the bed sheet!

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