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American hostage rescued by US Navy SEALs in Nigeria

American hostage rescued by US Navy SEALs in Nigeria

A US hostage in Nigeria has been rescued by SEAL Team 6 in a daring raid. Philip Walton had been abducted on Monday from a village near the border with Nigeria. Walton had been living with his wife and child in the village of Massalata for two years. It’s unclear why Walton was targeted and who the armed group were. President Trump tweeted out a show of support, calling the operation a ’big win’.

Ben 3 months

We don’t negotiate with terrorists

Trooper 3 months

God Bless the USA

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 months

Just one fun fact about Nigeria: Nigeria is the seventh most populous country in the world, with 206 million people. By 2100, it is projected to be the world’s third most populous country – ahead of the U.S. – with 733 million people, according to United Nations estimates. Some other interesting tidbits here:

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 months

“Mr. Walton was seized from his backyard on Monday in front of family members after assailants asked him for money. He offered them $40 and was then taken away by the armed gunmen on motorbikes.” You guys should’ve taken the money! Instead you bought a tanker full of whop-azz delivered by the best!

William 3 months

GOD 🙏 Bless our troops. I can only imagine the terror that this man was filled with, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that this man did NOT renounce his citizenship, and is likely alive today as a direct result.🤔🤔🤔

Huntress 3 months

Im glad but it’s really sad that the post about the massacre of 12 Nigerian peaceful protestors isn’t getting the same attention. Police brutality there is so much worse than the US from what I hear and I really don’t think it’s getting the worldwide attention it deserves.

Random Bit
Random Bit 3 months

Trump: “big win” Left/BLM: “defund SealTeam 6 to stop killing black Nigerians!”

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Why? What's the motivation to do this. My guess so this was not random at all and I have a feeling this guy is closer to trump then not.

Greg 3 months

But they were asassinated by Biden right? I’m confused how they were available for this while being dead and then being praised at the same time by the same person claiming they’d been killed as a cover up. Oh right truth doesn’t exist anymore.

Erik 3 months

Great timing to send in ‘these losers and suckers’, just a few days before the elections. Lucky for the hostage the elections are this year. Otherwise, he might be still in Nigeria by Christmas next year.

Tiktator 3 months

As glad as I am they put down some terrorists and rescued Americans. Should we really be sending special ops out for every American who decides to go live in a s%!t hole and gets themselves in trouble. Pro tip if you want to avoid being taken by terrorists. Don't go live in terrorists countries. Stay home

Andre 3 months

Ughhh. Funny navy team six a bunch of thugs for corporate hegemony are painted s hero’s. One might ask what the hell are they there for and why is American presence (700 bases) their. The USA dubious democracy Jesus civilisation bringers always take take take resources. Weapons of mass destruction, OIL, the fake chemical attack by Syria - depopulation and OIL. AFGHANISTAN- minerals oil heroine meth production. Are these navy seals not watching the Bourne identity?

John 3 months

They should have sent social workers instead. Defund the Seals!!!

TexasReb 3 months


James T Kirk
James T Kirk 3 months

Was it Niger or Nigeria?

Jerry 3 months

Check out on YouTube"Benghazi Bombshell." The one with the bearded guy. It is about bin Ladin, Benghazi, Biden, and Seal Team 6.

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 3 months

Thank you President Trump for taking care of our own, unlike Obama and Hillary.

David 3 months

Great work gentlemen.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 3 months

I love Trump's FAAFO administration 🤘🤘

Indo 3 months

The american army has to learn new stuff when deployed in Africa.. A whole new thing altogether. Good luck boyz n girlz.

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