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Trump supporters tried to force bus off highway, Biden campaign says

Trump supporters tried to force bus off highway, Biden campaign says

The Presidential campaign of Joe Biden said that a Biden campaign bus was surrounded by trucks with Trump signs and flags on a Texas highway on Friday, who attempted to slow the vehicle down and run it off the road. Videos on social media posted by both Trump and Biden supporters show the bus being surrounded by trucks who tried to run it off the road. The bus staff called 911, consequently.

Tom A
Tom A
Jeff 3 months

Meanwhile Biden supporters are destroying our cities, being responsible for most violent crimes, driving their states toward third world country status, drumming up race riots, normalizing crime, turning on our incredible officers, hating America, pushing for black supremecy, silencing dissenting get the point. Shame we don't see every one of those instances as a national headline, then maybe it'd paint a fair picture.

Mutatis 3 months

So the provided video shows an altercation between a white car and black truck, which had Trump flags. Not seeing any evidence of someone attempting to force the bus off the road. Is there anything I am missing?

Donald 3 months

PSYOP ALERT. Look at the footage.. They trying real hard with this IIA to twist a narrtive

Zreak 3 months

I dont think its right for them to harass the bus. Both sides should be able to campaign without harassment. However, the videos I've seen of this encounter don't show anything that the Biden campaign is claiming. A video I saw showed the white car entered into the black trucks lane first and looked as if it was trying to get the black truck to back off before the truck hit the white car and pushed it out of its lane. Does anyone have a better video showing the beginning of that encounter or a video of the trucks slowing down in front of the bus and trying to push it off the road?

ruubot 3 months

Watched multiple angles, the white car turned into the black truck, but the black truck wasn't letting them in either. White car wasn't indicating either from what i could see. White car was at fault, the bus was untouched and never at risk in any of the videos. Now saying all that, i don't particularly like seeing peole harassing anyones rallies. Doesn't matter which ever side you are on.

Mozgus 3 months

No they did not. Present the proof or go away. All they did was drive on the highway along with you. One single truck didn't see another vehicle in their blindspot and they had the world's most gentle tap before correcting. No dents. Watch the videos. Go crying, leftists.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

I love how everyone in the comments is pretty much disregarding the fact that right wingers attacked these guys out of spite. I mean let's not all rush at once to take accountability for your own party. Seriously you guys need to hold yourself accountable for supporting this kind of crude behavior.

S 3 months

Good. The Democrats love and support violence against a political opponent. Biden said he wanted to fight Trump behind the school gymnasium he smells girls at. This should make them proud.

William 3 months

Nice.,... political stunt. Secret Service had no comment???? More media bias.. same bullsh it different day.

Rocky 3 months

but.. but.. but.. LAW & AND ORDER!! at the very least dangerous driving. I see Jeanine Pirro was praising their actions of Fox news.

John W
John W 3 months

I guess next time we drive on a freeway next to cars, hundreds of people can say we psychically tried to force them off the road.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 months

“The president himself appeared to endorse the behavior of his supporters, tweeting a video of the incident on Saturday evening along with the comment “I LOVE TEXAS!” Trump supports these mouth breathers who have nothing better to do than potentially create traffic accidents while they follow around a Biden bus through Texas. Talk about having too much free time, I guess that is a result of Trump not being able to properly respond to a pandemic and the US losing over 20 million jobs and only recovering half of them! 😆 I can hear the conversation among them “C’mon, Vern! Grab your oversized Trump flags and put ‘em on your truck and let’s follow a bus for hundreds of miles cuz we ain’t got nuthin’ better to do! Wut’d you say? No, acourse not! Them flags are not compensating for our tiny...just get your damn Chinese manufactured MAGA hat, tee shirt, flag and handkerchief and lets go support Trump and his war on china and his political foes’s laptops!”

Csaba 3 months

At the same time cities are burning and store fronts are smashed and then looted by Biden supporters. Yet not reported by the news!

General 3 months

A little bird told me that this was set up by the Biden campaign and the driver with the trump flag was actually a Leftist posing as a Trump supporter.

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 3 months

Hashtag Ban Assault Trucks

Larry 3 months

THIS is dangerous....for ALL we "stand" for, if you disagree with a candidate simple don't vote for them, but this....THIS...fellow Americans is CHILDISH.

JustSomeGuy 3 months

This video proves they are lying about the situation. Here is a different view of the SUV/truck altercation. 5:45 onwards - shows black truck did nothing wrong

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 3 months

Yeah, that was a pretty stupid liberal move. They could have just honked their horns as they drove by.

Angry_Face 2 months

They trolled the campaign bus bloody HILARIOUS good natured stuff, they did not ram the off the road hold AK's..... just the mere sight of Trump flags makes people feel threatened due to the sensationalized media push total lies about ordinary American citizens

Charles 2 months

Ah, the classic republican "I'm not touching you" game. Bunch of children. Clueless, tone-deaf children.

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