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Early vote turnout surpasses two-thirds of all 2016 ballots cast

Early vote turnout surpasses two-thirds of all 2016 ballots cast

According to latest data compiled by the US Elections Project, early voting in the 2020 election has reached 66.8% of 2016’s total turnout. More than 92.1M Americans have voted so far. Hawaii and Texas have surpassed 2016’s total turnout. However, some key battleground states are lagging behind the frontrunners. Pennsylvania, for example, has only reached 34.3% of its 2016 total turnout.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 3 months

At this rate not letting illegal aliens vote would be seen as voter suppression. Oh wait! That's already the mainstream view in the media!

joseph_uke 3 months

Vote blue and to my New Yorkers, vote for Biden on the Working Families section on the ballot. Biden wasn’t my first choice either but letting Trump win is way too dangerous. This is a fight for democracy, go blue 💙

Sigfried 3 months

VoteBiden! Mobilize Truenanashabadepressure! It's a right for people to badacafcare! Don't criticize me, fat! You're a superpredator! Or you can vote Trump for 4 historic peace deals and the lowest unemployment pre-covid in history. Also, he resisted enacting the riot act and simply deputized law enforcement as U.S. marshalls so they could enforce law in Oregon when local DAs would not prosecute people causing harm. Not very Nazi of him.

Kubi 3 months

I do not mind Biden, however Kamala Harris needs to go. Only reason for voting trump is to make sure Harris never has a chanse for presidency.

Amoneywilson 3 months

That should be expected when everyone in DNC was asking for it. Just means less people show up on Election Day.

Donald 3 months

Trump already won, 2016 allover again. Next time Dems, (I am dem), you should try this lil thing where you nominate someone who is not a pedo, ya know, someone who is real competition?

Got Truth
Got Truth 3 months

I wonder if ther is going to be 135% voter turnout.....

a commoner
a commoner 3 months

I wonder if the statement vote early and often is in play here

Darin 3 months

Looks like we'll have a president Harris in the near future.

GreenPartyFTW 3 months

This would be a perfect opportunity for a 3rd party candidate to win 5% of the vote.

Seekster 3 months

Whoever wins, this kind of turnout is very good for the future of our Republic.

_tallman 3 months

Hmm it's almost like the Republicans in the swing states are waiting to vote the old fashioned way..........

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