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Election Day guide: When to expect a winner?

Election Day guide: When to expect a winner?

A quick declaration is possible only in the case there is a landslide for either candidate. If the vote is closer, a result may not be clear until Wednesday. However, it could stretch days, or even weeks if the vote is really close, which would make crucial the counting of mail-in ballots. The first major indicator is going to be Florida, where polls fully close at 8pm EST.

Doug 3 months

When to expect a winner? Are we only talking about the initial counts or after all the lawsuits are adjudicated?

Darin 3 months

What does Florida want- higher taxes, social reform and tight gun control? Or great economy and more jobs?

Jon 3 months

When the president is saying daily that he won't accept the results and will fight in court to have ballots thrown out well who TF knows 🤦‍♂️

Red Lens
Red Lens 3 months

Apparently we can just declare "not my president" with a hastag and completely ignore laws. So if Biden does win I look forward to not having a president for the next four years lol.

Jeff 3 months

We will find out today whether this country has cohesively decided to reject the current dysfunctional, criminal, fascist-leaning, clown-controlled, COVID spreading, vote suppressing, conspiracy-spreading, illegitimate excuse of an administration and begin to have conversations based on policy and opinion rather than alternate reality. I'll never agree completely with anyone who currently believes Trump should be reelected, but these used to be people I could talk to and could find about 80 to 90% of the most important things we could agree on. I look forward to being able to speak to these people again someday.

John 3 months

Regardless of who the winner is, the loser will be the American people. What a disaster.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 3 months

Everyone reporting a landslide for their respective candidate, meaning, everyone is doing propaganda and misleading the population. Ugh! I hate politics and media outlets.

Crumpdiddy 3 months

The election is November 3rd not the whole month of November.

Rooted 3 months

Trump 2020

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