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Supreme Court cites 1st Amendment in Black Lives Matter protest case

Supreme Court cites 1st Amendment in Black Lives Matter protest case

The SCOTUS on Monday sided with BLM activist DeRay McKesson in his effort to avoid a lawsuit filed by a cop injured during a 2016 protest in Louisiana. The cop sustained serious injuries after being struck in the face by a rock thrown by an unknown person, not McKesson. The lawsuit argued that McKesson should have known that violence would result from his actions leading the protest.

Mutatis 2 months

Unless they have him inciting/advocating violence, or other criminal behavior that would likely lead to violence, then I can see this being a rather difficult case to argue.

Rof 2 months

BLM wants police to be defunded. This will only increase lawlessness and violence in communities.

Daniel 2 months

I totally understand where the cop is coming from but the BLM activist didn't directly incite violence it seems.

Eric 2 months

SCOTUS did right here. If this guy also provided material support that would be a different story.

Leonard 2 months

The liberals want gun manufacturers to be held responsible for misuse of the firearms they produce but they don't want Riot Organisers to be accountable for the harm they know their rioters will cause.

8 2
8 2 2 months

He organized a protest knowing violence was likely based on recent similar protests, and did not take precautions such as getting a permit, cautioning supporters against violence, disbanding prior to nightfall, or providing appropriate security. If you throw a party 🎉 at a hotel, you are held accountable for anything that happens if you don’t have prior approval and take reasonable precautions.

Dustin 2 months

And people freaked out when acb was put into power.

Trevelyn 2 months

They will get what they deserve .It's called karma .

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