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Trump supporters gather at Barr’s House, demanding he ’lock up’ Biden

Trump supporters gather at Barr’s House, demanding he ’lock up’ Biden

A group of President Trump’s supporters gathered outside the Virginia home of AG Barr on Saturday to demand he ’lock up’ Joe Biden. Barr, reportedly, met with the crowd and explained to them the DOJ’s role in investigations. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler shared an image of at least a dozen people outside Barr’s house in Virginia with Trump flags and signs.

Trevelyn 2 months

I agree the FBI is bias .tlThey are picking and choosing what laws to uphold .If your Democrat you get a stay out of jail card .With no expiration date .

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

Ya know they were Trump supporters because nothing got broken or burned.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 2 months

This is what a cult looks like. They dont care what Biden supposedly did only that he is against their supreme leader.

Gnaw Maul
Gnaw Maul 2 months

Did they ask him why 3,000+ obama lawyers are still at the Justice Department, or are Trump supporters still selectively blind to Trump's incompetence?

O'Brien 2 months

Patience. First things first.

Seekster 2 months

No. Biden hasn't even been charged with anything yet. We have due process in this country.

Jerry 2 months

An interview I listened to on the "Guns and Butter" podcast about children and sex blackmailing scandle in the Bush days, claims Barr was covering that up back then. Don't expect much from Barr.

Jonny 2 months

Those dozen people should be treated the same as other "protesters" who harass civil servants. Personally, I think everyone should have a right to peaceably enjoy their home - these fuckers targeting people in their personal lives should all be arrested for harassment and public disturbance. Left and right.

David Shechtman
David Shechtman 2 months

The media has come "under scrutiny" as they are the enemy of the American people!

Rich 2 months

Go get Pelosi and Schiffty and the rest of the Democratic party too! Payback is a bitch!!

Scott 2 months

Innocent until provem guilty. What are these people guilty of? Making trumps Oz curtain open. Trump is a con man, making promises, like Oz. Wake up, goons.

Rof 2 months

Dear Mr Barr, the entire Biden clan should be prosecuted. (Tony Bobulinski)

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