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Trump predicts he’ll outperform his 2016 Electoral College haul

Trump predicts he’ll outperform his 2016 Electoral College haul

In an Election Day appearance on ’Fox & Friends,’ President Trump expressed confidence in his chances of securing reelection. Trump predicted that he will outperform his 2016 Electoral College victory, cruising to a second term with more than 306 electoral votes. ’I think we’ll top it. I think we’ll get better. People appreciate the job that we’ve done’, Trump added.

LailaKd 2 months

Yes you will and you have worldwide backing - all the way! 👊🏿👍🏾WWG1WGAWW 👊🏿👍🏾Sending love from Australia 🇦🇺💜 4 MORE YEARS❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dawlben 2 months

This election has awaken the sleeping giant. People who normally don't vote will, so neither side should count the chickens before they hatch.

Brandon 2 months

I can smell the delusion from here. Even the most right wing pollsters have Trump narrowly winning if he does indeed win. Trump will be lucky to pass 230 electoral college votes.

Chad 2 months

I just voted Biden, keep dreaming snake oil salesman

Scott 2 months

Only people on the right seem to vote against their own interests. This goons tax plan proves hes a con. His tax break starts raising our taxes starting next year. Get him OUT

Matt 2 months

When he wins by indisputable margin, Biden's handlers better stop making him speak gibberish into microphones. Time to sit down. If Biden wins, it'll be a year before our first female president. Too bad the first one is likely to be a replacement, and not herself voted in. In either case, enjoy the riots and being reeeee'd at.

Donald 2 months

I still do not understand how democrats who supposedly "dislike Trump" could muster up Joe as a possible "competitor" when he is by far the weakest opponent...literally a zombie would have a better chance than peedo Joe. So how on earth was this the best you could do?? How many democrats did you choose Joe from? OVER 20!

Dawn 2 months

Trump will be defeated. He is the Worst president in American history. Impeached, caged children taken away from mothers, constantly lies, racist, xenophobic, a threat to our democracy. Even his Radiologist gave an interview to the Russian propaganda press!

TheWeakMinded 2 months

@Shawn could you try making a coherent statement? Only one likely to go to prison is Biden. The dem ticket is a twobit scam to try and get Kamala to be president

porcus 2 months

Trump will win by an even larger margin than previously in 2016, not just in terms of Electoral College votes but also in terms of the popular vote. Then the market for salt will collapse, never to recover for another four years. :D I swear, the Left NEVER learns. They repeat the same failures over and over, expecting by sheer repetition that one day it will magically work.

Canna 2 months

I wouldn't be surprised if this election sparks a freaking war with how at each other's throats both sides are. Unfortunately neither side can see the leaders of parties don't care about America or it's citizens, just how much money and power they can get.

Jon 2 months

If Republicans want voting to take place on election day make the case to me why they always vote against making election day a national holiday. Go.

Steve 2 months

I say with the giant turn out of voters the people are speaking. When the counting is finished we should all hush and get involved with helping to guide what's being done by whoever is leading it.

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 2 months

I highly doubt it. I think it will come down to the wire and even then I think it's a crapshoot who ends up winning.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

I got him at 321 plus electoral votes. i said just over 300 last time so was spot on.

shawn 2 months

Trump people of the USA do not like or trust you or like you or the republicans bye bye I hope you lose and go to prison for your own stupidity.

Satan411 2 months

Not even the Kremlin can save his a$$ this time!

Corvus Crow
Corvus Crow 2 months

Presidential candidate says they will win, in other news no shit sherlock .

Seekster 2 months

It is possible...frankly anything is possible in this election. Shoot I wouldn't be that surprised if Vermin Supreme wins.

chuck 2 months

I sgree with our President

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