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Biden given overwhelming odds by election forecasts to beat Trump

Biden given overwhelming odds by election forecasts to beat Trump

With Joe Biden being given overwhelming odds to win the race to the White House, many in the Democratic Party are having flashbacks to 2016 when President Donald Trump defied the odds to beat Hillary Clinton. Biden was given an approximately 90 percent chance of winning by FiveThirtyEight, while The Economist gave him a 96 percent chance, and Politico said the race leans Democrat.

Tom A
Tom A
WWIII 3 months

These forecasts are a joke, all these polls an yet nobody asked me or anyone I know... we’ll see how the deja vu works out tmrw.. #TRUMP2020

Gordon 3 months

Let's hope history repeats itself.

Delterra 3 months

I just hope we get through this election without the country falling apart. #PartisanAmericaWeakAmerica

Kurt 3 months

It’s deja vu all over again. 😂😂

iTeraByte 3 months

Time to tune into Vegas and lay a wager. I wonder what’s the line and spread.

Special Ed
Special Ed 3 months

2016:Election forecasters give hillary overwhelming odds to beat trump. 2020:Election forecasters give president hillary overwhelming odds to beat biden...wait, that's not reality. So what forecasters are saying is 4 more years of president trump then. If trump wins then I'm pretty sure that's deja vu which is caused by them changing something in the matrix. If you see two of something, pay close attention if they were just similar or the exact same. I learned that from the movie The Matrix.

Sue 3 months

They said Hilary had it by a landslide 4 years ago, too. We shall see...

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