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Judge orders USPS to take ’extraordinary measures’ to deliver ballots on time

Judge orders USPS to take ’extraordinary measures’ to deliver ballots on time

A federal judge has ordered the US Postal Service to take ’extraordinary measures’ to deliver ballots in time to be counted in Wisconsin and around Detroit. The order, delivered on Sunday, requires USPS to utilize the Express Mail network -- which guarantees delivery in one to two days. The order comes amid reports of a severe dip in on-time delivery rates leading up to the 3 November election.

Pryotra 3 months

Well yeah. Bottle necks happen when you over burden a poorly managed and frankly poorly operated system. No one who has honestly looked at the overall performance of the USPS as a system can be too surprised at these results.

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 3 months

“The postal service has come under scrutiny after Donald Trump’s ally Louis DeJoy was appointed postmaster general in May. DeJoy implemented cost-cutting changes to make the postal service more efficient, but that caused on-time rates to plummet.” “After complaints that USPS was purposely slowing down mail to help Trump’s re-election, Dejoy said he would suspend the changes until after the election. Soon thereafter, on-time rates rebounded – but they are now dropping again.” Remember when trump said he was going to ‘drain the swamp’? He has clearly expanded the swamp as DeJoy is another toad in trump’s cesspool. Crooked trump trying every way possible to steal the election. You know you are on the wrong side of history when you support the guy who wants to win an election by not counting all of the ballots...thankfully, you are also in the minority if you support said guy.

edwin 3 months

Wankers, my mail is already delayed enough! Stop delaying it further to try handling something you had no business doing. BTW, why are we ducking covid by passing around things we licked... this makes about as much sense as an organization during the plague.

Shane 3 months

I don't blame anyone for suspecting that DeJoy is sabotaging the arrival of mail-in ballots for Trump. After all, he was a Republican fundraiser and the ballots being most affected are coming from swing states. It's also strange to think "cost-cutting measures" would make the process "more efficient" (unless we're talking purely about efficiency of spending). Nonetheless, DeJoy has reversed these cost-cutting measures and while there was an initial improvement in on-time arrival, it has dropped again. There is a case to be made now that the sheer number of ballots on top of regular post is overwhelming and causing this new drop. It's also worth noting that <60% of mail was arriving on time in Detroit before DeJoy took over. It now stands at 63%. A slight improvement despite the ups and downs. But the trend across the country is that mail has become less reliable by a good margin.

JoDaBubb 3 months

They're union workers. They're not going to work any harder than they have to. The judges order will be ignored.

TexasReb 3 months

How can a Judge order anyone to go to Extraordinary Measures? Judges can't dictate that someone do something Extraordinary and non-Customary.

Doug 3 months

Might as well issue a court order demanding that Jesus hand deliver every ballot personally. The USPS can only do so much and after that, it becomes meaningless what the judge wants.

David 3 months

Should just appoint Santa Claus to run USPS. The elves just need to get those work visas approved and magically mail will arrive on time.

Robin-Neil 3 months


spilltheT 3 months

I’m sure DeJoy will get right on it, your Honor...😂🤣

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