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Georgia health plan approved by Trump administration

Georgia health plan approved by Trump administration

The administration of President Donald Trump approved a plan by Georgia to overhaul how state residents buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Gov. Brian Kemp’s proposal to offer federally subsidized health insurance through private brokers instead of the website was signed off by federal officials on Sunday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced.

Katse Kubeb
Katse Kubeb 2 months

" plan to scrap the website in the swing state of Georgia." the website ya Muppet...

Mike 2 months

This is great for Georgia. Let the brokers do there jobs . - acts as an unnecessary middleman when ultimately brokers/agents have to be in the mix 9 out of 10 times. The ACA hires unlicensed people called “navigators” to help with applications and can’t even legally help with selecting a plan, which is what most people want. It’s a pointless job as most people have the mental capacity to fill out an application. People want help with selecting the best plan for there families needs and budget. Not how to fill out an app. Brokers can do both and are also licensed by the government to do so. Scraping will make things run much more smoothly and efficiently. No more hold times for customers. All they have to do is just call there broker which can have things fixed right away, without all the needless red tape to go through

OmegaDMM 2 months

Vox's looks like a hit piece, ABC's article is way better. Looks like a good direction for those with public healthcare. Gonna watch this plan and see if it is viable.

yuckycrumpet 2 months

...during a pandemic.

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