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Walmart cancels decision to have robots check store inventories

Walmart cancels decision to have robots check store inventories

WSJ states that Walmart has decided to cancel its decision to use Robots to automate inventory tracking after finding that humans could do a better job. In 2017, Walmart commenced testing fully autonomous robots made by Bossa Nova Robotics in around 50 stores. They were able to scan multiple items at one go, use 3D imaging to avoid obstacles, while keeping track of areas that need to be revisited.

Doug 2 months

A better job or cheaper job? Third party inventory companies pay minimum wage.

Satan411 2 months

They will improve and eventually replace the human workers, who will be discarded like trash. Yay capitalism. The only way those people will keep their jobs is to organize and make it more expensive to bring in robots than have live workers.

Indo 2 months

Ever the same problem that holds back progression into new era. Mass unemployment. We are on hold now.

pryvisee 2 months

I didn’t know our Walmart was one of 50. I thought these were cleaning robots. I didn’t know they were keeping track of inventory!

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher 2 months

I live in Walmart land (original location is 3 blocks from my house) and they were kind of clunky. Always freezing up when people are around, difficult to get around. There are other kinds of robots that they are using as well

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 months

As soon as the robots are better and cheaper they will replace people for these jobs.

E n
E n 2 months

After a lifetime of reading scifi, real life robots continue to dissapoint.

Jerry 2 months

A victory for humanity!

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